Top 10 Hardware Companies In India

Nowadays housing and infrastructure development is at its peak, many factors like the increase in urbanization, rise in incomes, and rapid growth in the construction industry are some of the reasons.

And when it comes to making a house or any building, hardware plays a very important role, that’s why interior hardware companies are in great demand.

Interior hardware like locks, handles of the doors and other fittings in windows, and furniture provide security from burglars, high-speed winds and other harmful elements that can be harmful to the residents of a building.

All these aspects make the Indian interior hardware market continue growing and provide opportunities for both national and international players in the industry.

Top 10 Interior Hardware Companies In India

Check the list here:

1. Hettich – Hardware Company


Headquartered in the eastern Westphalian town of Kirchlengern, Hettich is one of the world’s most reliable manufacturers of furniture fittings. The company was founded by Karl Hettich in the year 1888, as a metal industry in the Black Forest, but entered into the Indian market in 2009.

In such a short period of time of 14 years, it has successfully gained an acknowledged leadership position in the Indian hardware industry. Furnished with all the latest ideas and numerous innovations, the firm has propelled trends that help to shape the multifunctionality and flexibility of today’s hardware concepts.

Further, this family-owned business also provides pre- and after-sales service, on-time deliveries, and other value-adding services including installation support, which makes Hettich an ideal choice.

Website: Hettich

2. Hafele – Hardware Company

Originating from Germany, The Hafele Group is a leading international supplier and producer of architectural hardware and furniture fittings. It’s a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the Häfele Global network.

Adolf Häfele with Hermann Funk started the business named “Products of the hardware and tool industry” in 1923  with an aim to provide quality hardware and fitting systems along with reliable electronic locking systems.

Besides hardware, the company also specializes in a wide range of other product categories including furniture lighting, home appliances, sanitary and surfaces, catering the diverse demands of the Indian people.

That’s the reason, with a huge customer base, Hafele has a strong presence in different parts of the country as well as has full-scale operations globally in countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives.

Website: Hafele

3. Godrej – Hardware Company


Godrej is an Indian multinational conglomerate founded by Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej in 1897. With a diverse presence across 5 continents, this firm excels in manufacturing durable consumer goods like furniture, appliances, locks and security solutions.

This flagship company with professional engineering capabilities makes high-end timeless Navtal locks, and holistic security solutions, ensuring the safeguarding of your most valuable assets.

Packed with advanced features, their locks are a perfect combination of the newest safety technology with elegant aesthetics, making it safe yet convenient for the daily lives of millions of Indians.

Even the world’s first springless lock, which is considered to be the first fire and burglar-resistant lock system, is built by Godrej only. Most importantly, the company offers technology-led, quality-driven and sustainable facilities which help Godrej play a pivotal role in India’s economic growth as well.

Website: Godrej

4. Dorset – Hardware Company


Offering a wide range of architectural hardware products, Dorset is a renowned Indian company that is recognized as Asia’s most promising brand. Established in the year 1995, the company has a strong presence in the Indian market with more than 12000 touch points across the country.

Known for its stylish yet premium quality door hardware, they primarily focus on innovation and work constantly to strive to create new products while improving the range of existing ones.

Door handles, Dorset locks, door control systems, pull handles, and sliding door hardware like patches & fittings are some of the door hardware designed by the firm.

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Another good thing is, all the Dorset products come with a lifetime warranty which acts as insurance. In addition, you get customer service support provided to customers for installation, help in product selection, and after-sales service.

Website: Dorset

5. Ozone – Hardware Company


Ozone is another Indian brand that deals in architectural hardware solutions adhering to international standards and stringent quality benchmarks. This young dynamic company came into existence in 2002 with an aim to become a one stop shop for end-to-end security and all kinds of surveillance requirements.

Their dedicated team of engineers and designers manufactures some of the most durable door hardware, glass hardware, furniture fittings and bathroom accessories for both residential and commercial purposes.

As far as their product portfolio is concerned, the firm boasts more than 3000 products in seven product categories under 9 product brands.

Besides durability, Ozone hardwares are aesthetically appealing which adds an elegant touch to your interior, as they use the latest CNC machines, water & laser jet cutting machines to achieve high quality and consistent finish.

Website: Ozone

6. Geze – Hardware Company


GEZE is a popular German-based hardware brand that was founded in 1863, and today it has become the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of hardware for door, windows and other safety technology. GEZE stands for high-end quality, innovation, and holistic support.

With pioneering developments, this company has influenced facility engineering and building technology and caters to the needs of millions with its conveniently designed automatic door systems.

Besides, they have a comprehensive range of products like sliding, curved, revolving and folding door systems, glass systems, safety technology, smoke & heat extraction systems, as well as window & ventilation technology for commercial, residential, and institutional buildings.

Further, GEZE makes some of the best door closers which are highly demanded not just in the country but also across the world.

Website: Geze

7. Link – Hardware Company


Known for its superior quality products and dedication towards its clients, Link is a trusted hardware company that develops and supplies components for industrial automation as well as control systems.

The link was the idea of Mr. Zafar Alam, who started this firm with a vision to set up a brand that fulfills the distinctive needs of people and is recognized for its extraordinary design, precision engineering beautiful & unique finish.

And he successfully achieved his goal with Link in 1970. Established from scratch, the firm now features high-end, durable hardware for all sized projects, whether it be estates, luxury villas, premium boutique hotels, or award-winning resorts.

Using all the expertise of a team of experienced engineers, Link has added sustainable design to its production taking an important step toward caring for the environment.

Website: Link

8. Suzu – Hardware Company

Based in Haryana, Suzu is one of the fastest-growing companies that has been in the hardware business since 1986. It was the first company that introduced SS Hinges in the country, and now it has produced more than 100 types of hinges and over 200 types of screws.

Later the firm expanded its product range and started manufacturing other hardware like godown locks, multi-purpose locks, shutter locks, furniture locks, door closers, digital security systems and much more. Suzu hardware is built to provide complete safety and security by keeping the doors and windows intact.

Uniqueness in design, maintaining a consistent standard of quality and a customer-centric approach are the key factors that have helped Suzu earn a reputable position in the country and stand out from the masses.

Website: Suzu

9. Blum – Hardware Company


Founded in 1952, Blum is an Australian hardware company that makes use of renewable energy sources for manufacturing hardware components for cabinets, furniture, and kitchens. It’s a family-owned firm that has expanded its footprint in more than 120 countries worldwide.

If we talk about their product range, their products are innovatively designed which helps to improve the functionality as well as convenience of furniture and cabinetry. Silent operation, smooth handling, easy installation and long-lasting durability are some of the characteristics of Blum products.

In addition, this international company also focuses on sustainability, which not just makes it a popular choice for homeowners, architects and designers but also helps to minimize its impact on the environment.

So if you are looking for a trustworthy option for your space, then you can consider Blum hardware.

Website: Blum

10. Aks – Hardware Company

With an experience of over three decades in stainless steel, AKS is an enthusiastic company based in Portland Oregon, America. The company started its journey from molding stainless steel sheets to creating customized hardware for artistic living.

In the last 28 years, Aks has witnessed several changes, but the thing that remains the same all over the course is the commitment towards their clients, which makes the company’s services from good to better and helps to improve the lifestyle.

At aks, you can get consumer-centric durable products like drawer systems, locks, door hardware, and glass hardware accessories that are beautifully designed to complement your sophisticated and urban living standards.

Also, recently it has launched a new product line to its product portfolio like door and window fittings with Tower bolts and al-drops.

Website: Aks


To conclude, in a diverse country like India interior hardware companies are at the forefront of innovation, quality and design, as the demand for interior design and home decor varies from person to person and state to state.

And all the names we have recommended above are not just versatile but also manufacture durable hardware that ensures longevity. In addition, they focus on eco-friendliness and sustainability, which means the products offered by them are made using sustainable materials and are environmentally friendly.

We hope you find this article informative and it will help you out in getting the most suitable Hardware Companies in India. If you still have any doubt or confusion you can leave your queries in the comment section.

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