Top 9 Door Lock Brands In India

The lock is one of the most important aspects when it comes to security, as it provides deterrence to unauthorized or illegal entry into a facility and protects your house. Whether it be the gate of your house or any other entry medium to your workplace, without a proper locking system can lead to robbery and damage.

So in order to avoid uncertainties like theft and robbery as well as ensure nobody can jeopardize the safety of your house, one should have a highly centralized lock system to strengthen the safety factor. For that reason, there are plenty of lock options available in the market of different kinds as well as from various brands.

But deciding on the finest and optimal one from so many options can be a difficult task. Therefore, in this article, we are going to assist you in your decision-making process by shortlisting the top 9 Door Lock Brands In India.

Top Door Lock Brands In India

Check out the list below:

1. Ozone

In the architectural hardware industry, Ozone is a leading player that strikes global presence & recognition by offering innovative solutions.

Founded in the year 2000, the brand has expanded its portfolio to more than 3000 products that are strategically categorized under 09 product brands, making it a one-stop destination for all kinds of end-to-end Security and Surveillance requirements.

They make use of all the latest machines like CNC machines, laser & water jet cutting machines with automatic finishing lines in order to achieve a consistent and high-quality finish on Stainless Steel.

Another good thing is, at Ozone every product goes through a stringent quality check, ensuring the products you get meet international norms of quality, safety and design perfection.

Of all the locks, their biometric door locks are the best selling, as it offers multiple modes of access such as User Pin Code, Fingerprint, Emergency, etc. providing security along with convenience.


2. Godrej

Godrej is a well-established Indian multinational conglomerate that has earned a reputed name in the lock industry. The company was founded by Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Burjorji in 1897, specializing in different sectors like consumer products, real estate, industrial engineering, appliances, furniture, security and agricultural products.

As far as their lock system is concerned, their locks are made of stainless steel and hence are safe to be used on the main gates of both residential and business entries. Combined with elegant aesthetics, advanced safety technology and immense body strength, Godrej’s locks are the numero uno with regard to the security of millions of lives of Indians.

Besides high security, other features include the lock’s waterproof qualities which make it easier for it to corrode, guaranteeing a beautiful finish. So install Godrej lock systems in your main gate and get an extra sense of security and protection without compromising the quality.


3. Yale

When it comes to door lock systems, Yale is among the world’s oldest and most preferred brands that have been around for a long time. Since 1840 Yale has been in this sector and is providing maximum protection against intruders.

Mr. Henry R. Towne and Linus Yale Jr. started this company as Yale Lock Manufacturing Co. but later the name was changed to Yale & Towne, basing themselves.

The locks created by them are carefully carved from high-quality steel and come in-built with various convenient access methods, including an RFID card, fingerprint recognition and entering a pin number overriding keys.

At Yale there is an extensive catalog of locks as well as other lock-related products with a wide range of finishes to match any decor style, making the brand a leading manufacturer in the industry. However, for the Indian market, the digital locks by Yale can be an exceptional item that costs a little fortune.


4. Dorset

Dorset is another notable brand in the lock industry that has justified the brand’s name by providing world-class locking mechanisms and security access control systems. This UK-based company came into existence in 1832, with an aim to give you peace of mind through their safety solutions.

Prioritizing the safety and security aspects in mind, Dorset manufactures and comes up with all the latest & advanced security products that are durable, solid, simple to install and based on suitable confirmation techniques, giving you a true sense of quality.

In addition, they also offer several other advantages, such as including electronic safes, furniture locks, and door control mechanisms.

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The company’s strength lies in its quality craftsmanship and high performance. Apart from that, they accompany their products to make sure you get maximum support at any issues that arise during use.


5. Europa

With more than 35 years, Europa is a popular brand that deals in a wide range of products including door locks, mortise locks, rim locks, handles, padlocks, cylindrical locks, night latches, jemmy proof locks, furniture locks, shutter locks, etc.

The company began its journey in 1984 with a vision of ‘’ANTI-THEFT ENGINEERING’’. Backed by high-end technology and driven by a highly skilled team of over 400 dynamic professionals, Europa has successfully manufactured international standard products.

Also, they are constantly working towards designing innovative designs with best-in-class features to meet the global finish, functions, load and standards.

From a quality perspective, their products are of the best quality as they are created using laboratory-tested materials and span through a series of stringent quality control tests at each stage of manufacturing. Moreover, their locks come with a lifetime warranty for added reassurance.


6. Atom

Founded in the early 2000s, Atom is a renowned lock manufacturer that has revolutionized consumer security protection with its unique and proprietary products.

They boast a wide range of products starting from simple latches to sophisticated ones including deadlocks, shutter locks, padlocks, and key duplication, which are employed with advanced encryption systems and authentication protocols, ensuring the highest levels of safety.

Their locks are precisely engineered as well as treated with anti-dust, anti-corrosion, and oil resistance procedures which extend the life and durability of the lock. Some of their locks come equipped with a solidified shackle and a drill-safe plate in order to make them almost difficult to break.

By offering cutting-edge solutions and quality security-related products, Atom has become one of the most trustworthy names in digital access control globally.


7. Milano

Owned by Danube Group, Milano is an Italy-based company that was established in 2006. This highly acclaimed firm is known for its reliable and durable high-grade locks for both residential and commercial use.

The brand makes a sturdy and safe locking system that will not only meet individual’s needs with a high level of flexibility but also provide you with the convenience of the latest digital door locking system and the ease of traditional locks in a single place.

In addition, they also offer various services, ranging from security consultations to repairs, allowing customers to optimally guard their businesses and homes against intruders.

Besides offering premium quality with great security, Milano stands out as a top choice from a price point of view as well. Their locks come in different styles that are extremely reasonably priced.


8. Spider

Even if you are looking for a basic lock system or high-end protection for your residence, Spider is your answer, as it is the brand that only deals in locks and accessories. The company specializes in different kinds of innovative designs that are efficient and reliable security solutions for every customer across the globe.

The locks from Spider are crafted using robust steel metal and have a top with a polished brass finish for a more refined look. In addition to that, it offers mortise latches with a knob on the side and a key for high-level protection on doors.

Whereas its additional features like push button lock don’t need any key or multiple interior deadbolts to work with the external lockset. This feature not just gives peace of mind to the customers but also lets them feel that their home is safe & secure against intrusion.



In the lock manufacturing industry, IPSA is a recognized leader due to its dedication towards quality excellence for all its products and price-to-quantity ratio. Bringing customers peace of mind and security, the brand has been operating in the Indian market since 1995.

Featured with a metallic finish and a scratch-free body, they create locks that will perfectly complement the style, color and design of every gate in your house or workplace. In addition, you can also install their security sets in your main entrance as well as the other rooms of the home.

Further, IPSA locks come with a wide variety of digital and smart locks, including fingerprint locks, biometric, keypad, hotel locks, password locks, RF card locks, personal safes, unique pin systems as well as electronic safes to provide convenience along with security against unauthorized access.

Website: Ipsaindia


Now you must have enough idea about the significance of door locks, their features, and the different lock brands available in the country, so you can buy the locking system as per your requirements and budget without any problem.

Though you can purchase them from any other shopping site, you will get a diverse selection of products and more authentic items at affordable prices at the brands’ own online stores.

We hope we have provided all the information, which will help you choose the best door lock you need. But, if you still have any confusion, feel free to mention them in our comment section. And don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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