9 Most Expensive Houses In India

India is a country of incredible diversity and grandeur, which can be seen in the luxuriant and opulent homes. The country houses over 140 billionaires and is known as a nation having the third-largest number of billionaires in the world.

Starting from modern mansions to grand palaces, these lavish private properties are a testament to the status and wealth of their owners. In this blog, we are sharing some of the most expensive houses in India, exploring their breathtaking designs and luxurious features that make these bungalows genuinely one-of-a-kind.

So, let’s delve into the world of the most expensive houses in India and the extravagant life of rich and famous personalities.

Most Expensive Houses In India

Let’s dive into the list.

1. Antilia (Mukesh Ambani)

Antilia Mukesh Ambani Home

Owned by the notable business tycoon Mukesh Ambani, Antilia is one of the most expensive private residential properties in the billionaire’s row of Mumbai.

The house is elaborated over 37,000 square meters, at 27 stories, 173 meters (568 ft) tall, and with amenities such as terrace gardens, a 168-car garage, a ballroom, a spa, 9 high-speed elevators, a 50-seat theater, a swimming pool, health center, a temple, and a snow room that spits out snowflakes from the walls.

As far as its architectural design is concerned, Antilia has been fashioned along the lines of the sun and the lotus. Whereas the top six floors of the building have been set aside as the private full-floor residential area, which can also withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake. Further this magnanimous home houses about 600 staff to maintain the residence.

2. JK House (Gautam Singhania)

JK House Gautam Singhania

Located on the road infamously “Billionaire’s Row”, JK House is a luxurious mansion belonging to the chairman of Raymond Group Gautam Singhania’s family.

Situated in South Mumbai, it is the second tallest building in Mumbai after Antilia and has a market value of approximately 6000 crores. Featuring a modern residential space, it’s a 30-story property with two swimming pools, and five floors of reserved parking to park the most expensive cars in the world.

Apart from that, there is also a helipad, a spa, a gym, recreational and a lot more. As we move upwards, the upper floors are divided into separate residential units, giving privacy to each family member and soothing views from spacious gardens and terraces.

The best part about this property is that it houses a museum displaying the long history of the company as well as a garment and retail showroom.

3. Abode (Anil Ambani)

Abode Anil Ambani House

Having a valuation of around Rs. 5,000 crores, Anil Ambani’s ‘Abode’ deserves to be on the list of the costliest houses in India. The meaning of ‘Abode’ is a place where you live. Spreaded across a vast area of 16,000 sq. ft. Abode is a luxurious skyscraper.

Consisting of a helipad, it is a 17-storey building and 70 meters high. From an interior design perspective, the entrance of this grand house is beautifully designed using glass windows allowing the natural light to fall over the white interiors, which speak of sophistication.

The grand property includes a spa, gym, swimming pool and all the other seven-star hotel amenities. There is a large-sized painting placed on a living room wall, adding a lot of beauty to the warm tone walls and door. Besides all these, the thing which got our attention is a big crystal chandelier.

4. Lincoln House (Cyrus Poonawalla)

Lincoln House Cyrus Poonawalla House

Located in the upscale Beach Crady area of South Mumbai, Lincoln house is a gorgeous seaside Grade-III heritage property valued at Rs 7.5 billion. Originally the property was built for the Maharaja of Wankaner, later it was sold to the U.S. government in 1957.

Owned by Cyrus Poonawalla, it is one of the most expensive heritage properties which is spreaded across an area of 2 acres. Regarding its design, guarded by two tall black gates, the mansion boasts an Indo-Saracenic architectural style combined with Art Deco interiors.

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Adjacent to the 2-acre huge palace, the maharaja also built the Amar building, which is one of Mumbai’s most notable landmarks, now popularly known as the old Reserve Bank of India building.

5. Pataudi Palace (Saif Ali Khan)

Pataudi Palace Saif Ali Khan House

Saif Ali Khan, the Chote Nawab of Bollywood is everything royalty. The Pataudi Palace, his inherited family house also called Ibrahim Kothi, is a palace of the former ruling family, Pataudi family.

It was passed from the last ruling nawab, Iftikhar Ali Khan, to his son, the last recognized titular nawab, Mansoor Ali Khan, and currently, the palace is held by his son Saif Ali Khan, the current patriarch of the Pataudi family. Before diving into the interiors of the Pataudi Palace, it was designed by Robert Tor Russell with the help of Karl Moltz von Heinz in 1972.

The Palace is spread over 10 acres of land and is brimming with history, memories, culture and a royal legacy. If we talk about its value, it is estimated around 800 crores, but is priceless for the family, as Mansoor Ali Khan and his parents are buried on the premises.

6. Mannat (Shahrukh Khan)

Mannat Shahrukh Khan

Mannat, originally called Villa Vienna is Shahrukh Khan’s 6-storey high sea-facing heritage building that needs no introduction. Shahrukh Khan bought this property in 2001 and renamed it as Mannat.

Adorned with paintings by M.F Hussain, antiques and other art objects, this multi-storeyed lavish house is connected by a system of elevators, and two of these floors contain the family’s living area. The house boasts an entire floor, serving as a playroom for his kids, a library, an entertainment center and a private bar.

Further, this modern bungalow comprises multiple bedrooms, a personal auditorium and many other facilities. Every day thousands of tourists gather outside the bungalow just to get a glimpse of the superstar and click selfies, making it a tourist spot.

The most interesting thing is Shah Rukh Khan’s wife, Gauri Khan, who herself is a renowned interior designer, collaborated with the famous designer Kaif Faquih to design the mansion.

7. Adani House (Adani)

Adani House

Billionaire industrialist Gautam Shantilal Adani’s Adani House is another lavish property spread over 25000 square feet, for which he has paid Rs 400 crores. He has houses in Delhi, Ahmedabad and Gurgaon.

Adani’s house in Delhi is equipped with all the latest comforts and is not far from the central secretariat. It embodies the grace and splendor of Indian architectural style. Surrounded by a nice field, the entire land is wrapped in trees and meadows with numerous courtyards providing interest to the house as well.

Further, the building has a vintage vibe thanks to the arches of the windows. While its light with neutral color scheme makes the house even more attractive. Overall, the property not only preserves the beauty of nature but also offers all the modern upmarket conveniences. In every regard, the house is a Palace.

8. Jatia House (Kumar Mangalam Birla)

Kumar Mangalam Birla House

Situated in Malabar Hill, Jatia House is KM Birla’s lavish property, who is the Chairman of Aditya Birla Group. Equipped with 20 bedrooms courtyard, lush green gardens, and a small pond, this sea-facing mansion is huge enough to welcome around 500 to 700 people at a time.

The house is spreaded across 30,000 sq. ft, and its valuation is around Rs. 425 crores. Jatia House is painted simply in a brown and beige color combination and has all the trappings of a trophy estate too.

Featuring airy bedrooms with massive corridors and auditoriums made up of the finest quality marble, the bungalow looks no less than the house you witness in your dream or Bollywood movies. Furthermore, it also consists of a grand garden with a beautiful pond and a central courtyard.

9. Jalsa (Amitabh Bachchan)

Jalsa Amitabh Bachchan House In Mumbai

Bollywood’s Big B, also known as The Shahenshah of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan owns a beautiful house ‘Jalsa’ in Juhu. Initially, the house was named ‘Mansa’, but it was later changed to ‘Jalsa’ on an astrologer’s recommendation.

This double-storeyed house is expanded across a sprawling area of 10,123 sq. ft. and was gifted to Amitabh Bachchan by popular director Ramesh Sippy after Big B’s completed the shoot of the famous movie ‘Satte Pe Satta’ with him. The bungalow is designed with a beautiful garden, royal paintings, plush rugs, a front porch, huge chandeliers, and a lot more.

For the last 35 years, hundreds of people from across the globe gather outside the residence to glimpse the evergreen actor to present him with flowers, gifts, and love. That’s the reason, the Amitabh Bachchan house has become a prominent landmark in Mumbai.


Celebrities live dreamy life that all follow on social media and idealize. And their costliest houses inspire many and motivate them to work hard to own a lavish house. But the most exquisite houses are not built in a day, it takes sheer determination over decades with the struggles and efforts of people hidden behind its bricks.

So if you wish to own a bungalow or huge mansion in an expensive locality you can check the above list of the most expensive houses in India to charm your eyes and find out more about them to quench your curiosity.

We hope you find this article informative. Let us know in the comments section which one you like the most.

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