5 Best White Cement Company of 2024

When it comes to construction projects, White cement is one of the crucial materials that ensures the quality and durability of the building.

White cement which is also called gray cement, is a subtype of Portland cement that provides a distinctive white color during the manufacturing process.

Though the sole purpose of the white cement is to add charm to the building’s surface area, it also holds all the properties of gray mortar and plenty of other advantages. It can be used for repairing floors, marble tiles, sheathing walls, and roofs, as well as mixed with other substrates to make the wall skirting.

Considering all these factors, in this article we are going to recommend to you 5 Best White Cement Company who have earned a reliable position and goodwill for producing high-quality white cement as well as being recognized for their high-end services and commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

So no matter whether you are looking for a high-strengthening option for a decorative finish for your walls or structural elements, these brands will definitely fulfill your distinctive needs.

5 Best White Cement Company In India

Now, Let’s dive into the list.

1. Birla White Cement

Birla White Cement

Birla White, an Indian-based flagship company is a unit of UltraTech Cement Ltd. that commenced its operation in the year 1988.

Since its inception, the company has grown into the largest cement company in India. Today it has expanded its footprint to more than 20 states and 7 integrated cement plants and become a premium globally benchmarked organization.

Over the years, Birla White has extended its product portfolio along with strengthening their product quality, fulfilling the needs of ever-changing consumer attitudes.

They boast an impressive range of white cement-based surface finishing products, like WallCare Putty, Glass Reinforced Concrete, Textura, and Levelplast, which not only exquisite the interior design, but also protect the surfaces from weathering.

One of the best things about their products is that their cement-based product fills up fine pores of ceilings, concrete and mortar walls, giving a smooth & dry surface for painting while possessing more adhesive strength and durability.

Besides, the firm is constantly reinventing itself, by creating products that will deliver superior value to the customers as well as society at large.

Further, In India, this is the first white cement company to receive the CE certification, which assures that their products meet the health, safety and environmental standards set by the European Union.

All-in-all through its efficient services and improved product availability, Birla White Cement has created a dominant position in the Indian market.

Website: Birla Cement

2. JK White Cement

JK White Cement

JK Cement is an India-based leading brand that has gained huge popularity in the white cement industry. With an initial production capacity of 50,000 tons, this cement plant was commissioned in 1984 with the aim to deliver a wide range of innovative products and solutions that will meet the different needs of its customers.

They make use of high-end raw materials with advanced manufacturing processes and a skilled team of professionals to ensure the highest standards of productivity, sustainability, quality, and performance that drive a company’s long-term success.

This premium brand has plenty of options in the white cement category, including JK Wall Putty, JK White Cement, JK Primaxx, JKC WhiteMaxX, JKC RepairMaxX and JK Cement GypsoMaxx, which can be applied in various construction purposes, like decorative concrete, precast concrete, flooring, and plastering.

Their white cement is known for its superior quality, consistency in color and texture with the dual virtues of aesthetics and strength, which is best for the building and construction industry.

That’s the reason, JK White Cement is the most preferred brand for silky smooth exterior/interior walls and terrazzo flooring, ceilings, and mosaic tiles.

Also, the company has a strong distribution network across the country as well as exporting its products to several countries worldwide. All these factors together make the JK White Cement reliable in the construction industry.

Website: JK Cement

3. ACC White Cement

ACC White Cement, a subsidiary company of Ambuja Cements and a part of the Adani Group, is an Indian cement producer. The company was introduced in the Indian market in the year 1936 and has turned out as a leading brand in this sector.

With a pan-India operational and marketing presence, ACC has established its huge reputation as a pioneer firm that consistently sets new benchmarks with its range of product development and innovative research.

Being the largest cement producer, it is satisfying the distinctive needs of different customers by offering high-quality white cement, surpassing the requirements of IS: 12269-53 Grade.

It not only provides durability to the structures but also adds great strength because of its superior crystalline structure, optimum particle size distribution and balanced phase composition.

Though their white cement delivers an additional advantage for all kinds of construction purposes, it is especially recommended for mass concreting works.

With 17 cement factories, over 6,700 employees, and a vast distribution network of 50,000+ dealers & retailers, ACC White Cement has spread its operation countrywide and become the 3rd leading cement manufacturing company in India.

Above all, this is the only cement brand that has got the tag of ‘Superbrand’, and has claimed its products to be environment friendly.

Website: ACC Cement

4. Ambuja white cement

Ambuja white cement

Ambuja Cements Limited, earlier recognized as Gujarat Ambuja Cement Limited, is a trustworthy Indian cement-producing company, which is known for its strength, superior whiteness and excellent quality cement that can be used for a variety of applications, like architectural designs, decorative concrete, and terrazzo flooring.

Ambuja White Cement is made using a perfect blend of raw materials, like kaolin clay and high-quality limestone which is processed using advanced technology in order to ensure great performance and consistent quality.

Further, it is also specially formulated to resist chalking, cracking, and fading, making it an ideal option for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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In addition to quality, Ambuja Cements Ltd is also committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability, as the organization has taken many initiatives to reduce the level of carbon footprint as well as minimize the impact of its work on the environment.

To conclude Ambuja White Cement is a premium yet environment-friendly product that is highly regarded for its durability, quality, and aesthetic appeal.

Website: Ambuja Cement

5. Ultra Tuff White Cement

Ultra Tuff White Cement

Incorporated in 2009, Ultratuff Cement is a Non-governmental company that is involved in the manufacture of non-metallic mineral products. This brand’s white cement is basically produced by a leading cement company UltraTech Cement Ltd.

The white cement offered by Ultra Tuff can be used for different applications, including mortar, concrete, and plaster.

Further, it’s premium quality white cement boasts a high compressive strength of 300 Mpa as well as contains high amounts of gypsum and lime, which are considered to be two main constituents of cement.

Since, their white cement is manufactured using high-quality raw materials with low iron content in it, giving it a bright white color and making it ideal for decorative applications, architectural use and other areas where you need a polished appearance.

Besides, it has all the properties like durability, high strength, and aesthetic appeal. Some of the other features include good bonding strength, excellent workability, and resistance to water & chemicals, so you can use it for both interior and exterior applications, and a range of climates & conditions.

Overall, all these factors make Ultra Tuff White Cement a high-quality product that not just gives you superior performance but also aesthetic benefits compared to other cement.

Website: Ultra Tuff


You just went through the list of the Top 5 White Cement Brands in India. Now you must have understood that white cement is a kind of specialized building material that has various applications during the construction process.

There are many brands available in the Indian market that produce white cement. But we have recommended only the reliable ones.

All the names mentioned above have a great reputation and are popular for their consistency, high-quality products, and commitment to sustainability. However, it’s always important to keep in mind your own project, desire, requirements and budget before selecting the right one for you.

As you now have a clear idea about, What is the use of white cement, you can purchase it according to your needs. You can get it from different shopping sites, the brand’s own websites as well as from their offline stores.

We hope you find this article informative and it will help you find the right white cement brand to achieve your desired results.

If you still have any questions regarding this matter you can write to us in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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