7 Best Wall Primer Brands In India

No doubt paint is an important factor when it comes to preparing the interiors of a room, as it can change the whole vibe of your room. But, using a wall primer is the first and foremost step that ensures the best possible finish.

Basically, wall primer is a kind of preparatory coating that is applied to the walls before painting in order to improve the adhesion of paint, better coverage and cover up all the minor imperfections to enhance the overall appearance of the surface. Apart from that, it also seals porous surfaces, so that less amount of paint is soaked into the wall and the amount of paint needed is reduced.

The wall primers may be in an oil-based or water-based formulation that can be directly applied to the wall using a roller or brush. In India, there are hundreds of brands available that produce wall primers with different properties and benefits, but choosing the right one can be difficult.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to recommend you 7 best wall primer brands which will help you make an informed decision.

Best Wall Primer Brands In India

So, Let’s check the list.

1. ASIAN Wall Primer

Asian Paints is one of the largest and most popular paint brands in India that deals in a wide range of products, including wall primers. In primers they have huge options starting from water-based to solvent-based options, providing excellent coverage, adhesion, and durability.

In addition to that, you can choose from different variants, such as SmartCare Damp Proof, TruCare Interior Wall Primer and Royale Wall Base Coat to satisfy your distinctive needs. Their primer will not only take care of your walls but protect your furniture from possible damage to the wood, as they are specially formulated along with flake aluminum, which can be applied on wooden surfaces as a primer to protect it.

Furthermore, Asian Paint primers will keep your wall in great shape, enhance the benefits of using acrylic paint on the walls as well as increase the longevity and freshness of the wall.

Hence, it’s needless to say that Asian Paints know the paint industry very well and would deliver you grade-A wall primer.

Website: Asianpaints

2. Nerolac Wall Primer

Incorporated in 1920, Kansai Nerolac Paints is the leading paint brand that presents a huge range of ancillary paint coatings including wall putty and wall primer to protect and enhance the look and help of your walls.

Their wall primers come with anti-fungal and anti-mildew properties which are very essential to avoid the growth of mildew and molds on the surface and prevent the paint from peeling off.

Nerolac’s premium primer formulated using an ideal combination of pigments & extenders with copolymer emulsion is designed to ensure deep penetration and sealing of porous surfaces.

Whereas its alkali-resisting primer, based on an acrylic co-polymer helps to penetrate into and seal the surface of the wall, and provides a sound base for the adhesion of texture coatings or emulsion coatings.

So if you want to protect your wall and make it look as good as new, then you should invest in Nerolac Wall Primer without any second thought.

Website: Nerolac

3. Nippon Wall Primer

With an experience of over 130 years, Nippon is a renowned paint brand specializing in manufacturing high-quality paints and coatings. This Japanese-based brand was founded by brothers Haruta and Jujiro Moteki in 1881.

No matter what type of wall you have, Nippon has solutions for all kinds of surfaces. Their water-based Latex Interior Wall Primer is specially formulated for exterior cement, plastered and concrete surfaces.

And if you want your walls to protect from algae and fungus, then you can try their unique alkaline-resistant formula which will not just give an extra protection layer to the top coat, but also provide a long-lasting finish to the wall.

From a quality point of view, the wall primer offered by the brand is made using high-quality ingredients in order to ensure a smooth and even finish every time. You can easily apply it on both interior and exterior walls, as well as is ideal for painting on new and old walls.

Website: Nipponpaint

4. Berger Wall Primer

In 1760, Louis Berger started Berger as a dye and pigment manufacturing business, which later became a huge name in the paint industry. The brand is popular among people for its quality.

It has been more than 100 years, Berger is catering to the different needs of customers by offering a wide variety of products and services including adhesives, coatings, sealants, and other construction materials. That’s the reason, today the company’s products are used all over the globe in various industries.

Housing more than 3450 employees, Berger has 25,000 plus distribution networks which are constantly growing. The best part about their wall primers is that they are formulated with a special grade of acrylic binder and pigment to provide excellent opacity with extra whiteness.

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In addition, they have a product called Seal o primer, which acts as a sealer system and works both as a sealer and as an undercoat providing excellent hiding property.

Website: Bergerpaints

5. Indigo Wall Primer

Set up by Hemant Jalan, Indigo Paints is an Indian brand that has an excellent variety of interior or exterior wall primers, from which you can choose depending on your needs and your wall surfaces. Also, using Indigo wall primer will make every top layer of paint everlasting.

What separates this brand from others is the fact that it has a superior affinity for adhesion to substrates, which means it not only makes your walls waterproof but also keeps them looking great. So if you live in an area with high rainfall and dampness then Indigo Wall Primer with an acrylic base and anti-alkali & water-resistant properties will surely do magic for your wall.

Their primers are so versatile, that you can even use them on the ground floor walls or anywhere else, and it will infuse life into every wall of your house.

While its excellent sealing properties along the wall washable option make it an ideal choice for those who love smart care of walls.

Website: Indigopaints

6. Shalimar Wall Primer

Shalimar is another Indian paint brand formed in 1902 by two British entrepreneurs AN Turner and AC Wright. This reputed brand does an excellent job by acting as a great medium for providing exceptional quality wall primer to prepare surfaces for a smooth and uniform base.

It also lets the surface be that is easy to paint as well as not prone to absorbing too much paint. In their store, you can find various types of primer, like water-based and oil-based that can be used on different surfaces including plaster, concrete, plaster, and wood.

Besides, it also fills all the imperfections and even small cracks and seals the surface of the wall to prevent stains from bleeding through the paint.

Another reason why Shalimar Wall primer is must have and a staple of professional painters is that they are very much important when the painting is over existing paint. With more than 45 brand stores and depots across India, Shalimar pioneered in this industry.

Website: Shalimarpaints

7. Dulux Wall Primer

Originating from the United Kingdom, Dulux is an international brand that has been introduced in the architectural paint industry in the year 1931. The company offers interior primer which is not just of good quality but also boasts good adhesion to interior masonry surfaces for both new as well as previously decorated such as plaster, brickwork, cement, boards, fiber, etc.

Their wall primer is prepared to give a good filling property. Hence, the correct application of Dulux Wall Primer will give you better quality along with the durability of the finished coat.

If we talk about its exterior acrylic primer, it is a specially designed high-quality primer for the external plaster surface which helps to improve the adhesion between the wall and topcoat material.

This special acrylic-based formulation imparts high adhesion properties and results in the prevention of peeling and flocculation of the topcoat.

In addition, there is also a Dulux Water Based Cement Primer that is an ideal option for POP, plastered masonry, puttied, limed or pre-painted wall surfaces.

Website: Dulux


These were the top 7 wall primer brands. Though apart from this list, there are several other wall primer brands available in India, we have included the best ones that are reliable as well as pocket friendly. All the names recommended above offer a good range of high-quality primers that can be applied to various surfaces and are suitable for various requirements.

But before selecting a wall primer brand, it is very much important to consider different factors like adhesion, sealing properties and coverage, so that you can get a smooth and even paint-finished wall that will last for years.

We hope you find our blog on the best wall primer brands in India informative and it will help you find the right primer for your project. If you still have any confusion or queries regarding this matter, you can leave your questions in the comment section below.

And don’t forget to share your experience with us. Thank you for reading!

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