7 Best Software and Online Tools for 3D Home Design

In this world of digitization, it is possible for everyone to do everything that too without having any experience. Home designing software is one such example that lets you design and build a virtual home on your computer even for those with limited experience to create something meaningful.

Home design software is basically a computer-powered tool allowing architects, interior design professionals as well as homeowners to build their visions virtually in real time.

These software comes packed with an easy-to-use yet the excellent range of features like floor plans, easily create blueprints, elevations, 3D renderings, 360-degree rendering, virtual furniture and accessories, textures, colors and lighting so that you can get the perfect picture of what is in the mind of your dream home.

So if you want to renovate your house and wonder how to work on the interior of your house, these home design software will help you achieve that.

Here’s the list of the top 7 best home designing software and tools that will enable you to design quickly and accurately, with great results.

Best Software and Online Tools for 3D Home Design

Let’s go and check out the complete list below.

1. Planner 5D

Planner 5D
Image Credits © planner5d.com

Planner 5D is an advanced interior design software program which is intended to help you create your dream home without any architectural knowledge. The concept was introduced by developer Sergei Nosyrev and designer Alexei Sheremetyev in 2011 but officially launched in 2012.

This easy-to-use 2D/3D home design tool uses AI, machine learning and other advanced technological solutions in order to make interior design planning an entertaining process as well as much easier with no experience. This is an HTML5-based RIA application that is available on the web version in 11 different languages making it more convenient for you.

Using this application you can design your own imagination online from the ground up and create an interior. The best part is that the user can publish the finished output in the Gallery for collaboration, upload screenshots to his computer and even share it on social networks.

Although Planner 5D is a free-to-use software to access premium features it costs US$19.99/month or $59.99/year.

Check Website: Planner5d

2. FloorPlanner

Image Credits © floorplanner.com

Floorplanner is an excellent online service that brings the power of architectural visualizations to everyone and lets you redesign your space or even a whole building, and plan how your furniture will fit in your new home. It’s a powerful cloud-based platform founded in 2007 by 3 architects and a civil engineer.

Floorplanner was the first fully browser-based 2D & 3D planner, that all together created over 40 million plans and a multitude of great 2D & 3D images. The users can access this application in every browser, without the need of additional plug-ins or downloads, allowing them to access it via their favorite browser. It works with ease & fluidity so you will not observe any discernible glitches.

Another feature offered by Floorplanner is creating a link to the project and sharing it so others may make necessary alterations to it when working as a team. The fact there are many features that are freely available but the more you pay, the more restrictions are lifted, leading to a versatile service that can cater to a wide population.

Check Website: Floorplanner

3. Coohom

Image Credits © coohom.com

Established in 2018, Coohom is a leading global SaaS company that helps millions of users inspire innovation, create value and overcome obstacles. Their customer-driven digital suite lets the efficient team of the company turn the ideas of the customers into reality.

Coohom helps millions of users inspire innovation, overcome obstacles, and create value. The software boasts a seamless blending of innovative digital strategy with bleeding-edge engineering tools, allowing Interior designers, house owners, architects, students, and real estate agents, etc. to create 2D/3D floor plans & render 4K realistic pictures in seconds.

You can simply drag and drop to deploy your dream home with 3D visualization and render it up to 16K resolution. This FREE interior design application has a user-friendly interface with an expansive choice of furnishings to suit any aesthetic. Because of these amazing features and trustworthy service this interior design tool is chosen by 4M+ worldwide.

Check Website: Coohom

4. RoomSketcher

Image Credits © roomsketcher.com

RoomSketcher is a powerful and easy-to-use home design and floor plan app using which you can build 3D home visualizations on your PC, Mac, or tablet. The application was started in 2007 as a spin-off from a company that creates state-of-the-art 3D visualizations for the sub-sea oil industry.

The vision behind introducing this app was that everyone should be able to visualize their home, online. Today, more than 7 million projects have been created using the RoomSketcher App from over 170 countries.

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Packed with many features, it meets your dream design needs, what you have to do is just enter the measurements of the room & the flooring type, and it will help you to have a preview of the design you have in mind. Apart from that, you can also make comprehensive 2D and 3D floor plans.

RoomSketcher’s free trial version has some of the basic features for home designing, but if you want to access other special features you can upgrade it to a subscription plan later if you find this software helpful.

Check Website: Roomsketcher

5. HomeByMe

Image Credits © home.by.me

If you are looking for a 3D space planning solution, then you can give a try to HomeByMe, an innovative house designing software that allows users to build a 2D floor plan and turn them into a 3D photorealistic model. It’s a complete and easy-to-use 3D tool that helps you create high-definition images that are more realistic. This Paris-based company is developed by 3DVIA and is specifically dedicated to the creation of interior design projects, suiting both decoration experts and passionate amateurs.

The catalog of HomeByMe has more than 20,000 products from many popular brand names like Ligne Roset, Maisons du Monde, and Habitat. Using this software you can not only design your dream home but also create multiple copies of floor plans to try out different styles.

The best part is, it offers mobile apps as well, which means the users can access the projects 24/7, even in offline mode. Whereas with its pro version you can get the advantage of advanced customization features, 360-degree views, virtual tours, and much more.

Check Website: Homebyme

6. Cedreo

Image Credits © cedreo.com

Ideal for home designers, builders, remodelers, architects and interior designers, Cedreo is a cloud-based 3D architectural and home design solution, using which you can build 2D & 3D floor plans as well as photorealistic interior & exterior 3D renderings in just 2 hours. It is full-featured so you have everything you need to sell your home design projects quickly.

With Cedreo, you can easily handle the design in-house to stay ahead of your competitors and save external design costs. Now you don’t have to pay expensive design firms to deliver the floor plans and revisions, you can do it all by yourself as per your own taste and choice.

Apart from that, Cedreo makes it easier for housing professionals to create stunning home designs online in just 3 easy steps- draw the floor plan, furnish the project and create a 3D rendering. Also, it streamlines the sales process by reducing the cost of the pre-sale phase and improving the client’s buying experience.

Check Website: Cedreo

7. Magicplan

Image Credits © magicplan.app

Magicplan is another awesome mobile app every contractor loves. It lets the users create digital floor plans by utilizing Augmented Reality. Founded and developed by Sensopia in 2011, it is the most popular AR app used by more than 15 million people worldwide. One of its cool features is ‘Scan with Camera’. What it does is it generates the floor plan automatically.

Suppose you are in a room and working on it, you can use AR to let the app scan and measure the room for you, making it more convenient. And on the basis of a digital floor plan, the app can also calculate materials and costs. Furthermore, this software is very useful in converting the 2d plan into a 3D model.

Compatible with iOS or Android, this app itself is free which can be accessed without paying a thing, but if you’re going to work on it regularly, you’ll have to grab yourself a subscription. Overall, with an interesting AR option, easy-to-use features and an original way of generating estimates for work, Magicplan is the perfect home designing app.

Check Website: Magicplan


No doubt home designing is an interesting area but at the same time, it requires a creative mind and planning. And this software makes it easier for you to visualize your ideas in front of you, and customize and change things as per your taste. This way you can not only reduce a lot of costs but also save your energy and time as well.

All the software and tools mentioned above offer trial versions so you can first try out these apps and if required can go for their subscription plans. Hope you find this article informative. If you still have any questions regarding this topic you can write to us in the comment section.

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