10 Best Residential Architects In India For 2024

Architecture is an art form that has the power to shape the way we live, work, and play. Residential architects in India have been designing and building homes that are not only functional but also reflect the local culture and tradition.

These architects have a wealth of experience and have designed some of the most beautiful and innovative homes in the country. From contemporary designs to traditional styles, these architects have something to offer everyone.

In this blog, we will be showcasing the work of these architects, their philosophies, and the types of projects they have undertaken. We will also be highlighting the awards and recognition they have received for their work.

Best Residential Architects In India

We hope that this blog will inspire and inform readers about the diverse and exciting world of residential architecture in India.

1. Sanjay Puri Architects

Sanjay Puri Architects is a highly respected firm in the world of architecture, known for its exceptional work in designing and building homes that are both functional and reflective of local culture and tradition.

The firm, founded by Principal Architects Sanjay Puri and Nina Puri, has a wealth of experience and has won numerous awards including the World Architecture Festival’s Best Housing Object of the Year 2018 in Amsterdam and the World’s Best Residential Building in the LEAF Awards, London. The firm has been listed in the top 100 architects worldwide by Archdaily and Architizer and is included in New York’s list of the top 136 design firms worldwide.

The firm’s design philosophy focuses on creating spaces that engage people holistically and foster social interaction, evolving spatial relationships that are contextually responsive.

Sanjay and Nina believe that every project should be designed contextually, evolving spaces that are perceived in new ways and taking into account the climate, and cohesively integrating sustainability. This design philosophy is evident in the extensive work that the firm has undertaken in the 3 decades since its inception.

Website: Sanjaypuriarchitects

2. Abraham John Architects

Experience the multidisciplinary expertise of Abraham John Architects, a design firm founded in 1967 and led by Joint Principal Architects Abraham John and Alan Abraham. Specializing in architecture, interior design, landscaping, and urban planning, they work with a wide range of clients and organizations to create unique and functional spaces that connect with nature and stand out from the crowd.

Their portfolio includes luxury villas, high-end residences, unique offices, hospitality projects, and institutional buildings, and they also undertake charitable works such as designing earthquake and cyclone-proof buildings.

Website: Abrahamjohnarchitects

3. Hiren Patel Architects

Transform the way you perceive art and design with Hiren Patel Architects (HPA), a firm founded in 1989 by Ar. Hiren Patel with a mission to create a better world through unique and inspiring spaces. With over three decades of experience in architecture, interior design, and landscape design, their team constantly strives to break the conventional and look towards the future.

founder, Hiren Patel is a celebrated architect and artist, who believes in the power of art to change the world. His journey began in 1983 with architectural studies and landscape design and has evolved with the times.

At HPA, they strive to shape people’s lives through their work and their vision is to create a design that is truthful and serves society in the best way possible.

Website: Hpa

4. ABM Architects

Explore the design excellence of ABM Architects, a Mumbai-based firm established in 1972 by Alfaz Miller and now managed by his daughter Aahana Miller.

Their wide experience spans major institutional and corporate projects, private buildings, offices, airports, hotels, health, residential spaces, heritage, and conservation work. Their reputation is built on providing varied, comprehensive, and client-focused architecture and design solutions that integrate timeless aesthetics with functional design.

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With a focus on client satisfaction, 80% of their projects come from loyal clients and their design excellence has been acknowledged by numerous awards and citations. As a boutique design firm, they take on selected projects at a time and stay focused on paying attention to detail and being accessible to their clients at all times.

Website: Abmarchitects

5. Sheila Sri Prakash

Uncover the world of sustainable design with Shilpa Architects, an international, award-winning architectural design firm founded in 1979 and headquartered in India.

They primarily focus on environmentally and socioeconomically sustainable designs that have earned them recognition as pioneers in the field, with designers from their firms invited to speak at international forums and serve as members of organizations such as the World Economic Forum, the US Green Building Council, and The Confederation of Indian Industry.

Founder Sheila Sri Prakash is a renowned architect, urban designer, and sustainability expert, honored with the Lifetime Achievement in Architecture Award in 2019 for her outstanding contributions to sustainable design and the growth of the Indian real estate sector. Discover the possibilities of sustainable design with Shilpa Architects.

Website: Shilpaarchitects

6. Hafeez Contractor

Architect Hafeez Contractor (AHC) is a top architectural design firm in India, founded in 1982, the company has grown to a team of over 550 people. The firm is known for its unique design concepts and bold execution while remaining responsive to clients’ diverse needs.

AHC has a proven track record of successful projects for clients including large real estate developers, public sector undertakings, corporations, and healthcare entrepreneurs. The team of experienced associates and specialized staff can handle projects of any size and complexity.

AHC also offers a “one window facility” for clients to work with other consultants for services such as structural, mechanical, engineering, landscaping, and approvals. The firm’s goal is to create exceptional designs and bring them to reality on time and within budget.

Website: Hafeezcontractor

7. Rajiv Saini

Rajiv Saini is a renowned Indian interior designer and architect known for his contemporary designs, luxurious materials, and impeccable craftsmanship. He is the founder of Rajiv Saini and Associates (RSA), a design studio that has won multiple awards and been recognized as one of the top international design talents by Wallpaper magazine.

Rajiv is also an accomplished product designer, his work has been exhibited at galleries and events worldwide such as the “Global Edit” exhibition in Milan, the IFA in Berlin and Stuttgart, and Art Basel Miami.

His work is featured in various books and magazines such as Wallpaper, Architectural Digest, and Financial Times. RSA’s dedication to creating unique and functional spaces, and their attention to detail, have established them as one of the leading design firms in India.

Website: Rajivsaini

8. Khosla Associates

Khosla Associates is a leading architecture and interior design firm based in Bangalore, India. Founded by Sandeep Khosla in 1995, the firm creates a versatile range of work including architecture and interiors of residences, corporate offices, retail, and hospitality spaces.

They have won over 30 national and international awards and have been recognized by Wallpaper magazine as one of India’s most innovative architectural practices.

Their distinct style of tropical residential architecture uses local materials and concepts with a contemporary design sensibility, which is reflected in their varied palette of the bar, restaurant, and hotel projects across India. With clients ranging from individual homeowners to international companies, Khosla Associates is known for their commitment to design excellence.

Website: Khoslaassociates

9. Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects

GRCA is a famous architectural firm based in Bangalore, India that specializes in creating innovative and unique designs for a variety of projects. Founded in 2007, the practice has a proven track record of success in executing a wide range of projects, including factories, apartments, and houses across the country.

The team at GRCA takes a highly selective approach to projects, limiting the number of projects they take on to provide the highest level of focus and attention to detail in both design and execution.

If you’re looking for an architectural firm that is committed to creating unique and innovative designs that stand out from the rest, GRCA is the right choice for you. With a team of dedicated professionals and a proven track record of success, GRCA is poised to help bring your vision to life.

Website: Grca

10. Raj Rewal Associates

Raj Rewal Associates is a well-known architectural firm based in New Delhi with over 50 years of experience. The firm is renowned for its innovative housing projects and cutting-edge urban design and public buildings.

Many of their projects have been recognized as significant works and have been featured in anthologies of the History of World Architecture. With a team of around twenty architects and a staff of up to thirty, including engineers, technicians, model makers, and administrators, the firm is equipped to handle a wide range of projects. They have also collaborated with local firms on projects outside of India.

Raj Rewal, the founder of the firm, has received numerous awards, including the gold medal from the Commonwealth Associations of Architects, Indian Institute of Architects, and the “Chevalier de l’Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur” award from the French Government.

The firm’s work has been exhibited in various museums and galleries including the Pompidou Museum, in Paris, and the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi. The firm’s work has been widely documented in books, publications, and films.

Website: Rajrewal


These are just a few examples of talented residential architects in India who are making a name for themselves in the industry. Visit their websites to explore their portfolio of projects and see how they can bring your dream home or commercial space to life.

The work of these architects is a testament to the fact that architecture is not just about building houses but also about creating spaces that are meaningful and enriching.

We hope that this blog has provided a glimpse into the world of residential architecture in India and has inspired readers to explore the work of these architects further.

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