10 Best Residential Architects In Bangalore For 2024

The city of Bangalore is known as one of the most livable cities, primarily due to its rich biodiversity and well-tempered climate. That’s the reason there are plenty of options when it comes to interior designers or architectural firms in Bangalore.

Whether you want to renovate a room or construct a complete house, you can hire a skilled architect for the ideal designing & planning of your project and bring your dream come true with their knowledge and expertise.

But at the same time having so many choices can lead to confusion. Therefore we have gathered some of the best firms that offer luxurious interior designing, high-end architectural plans, and innovative residential construction services.

Best Residential Architects In Bangalore

So if you’re searching for the best architects in Bangalore, you can check out the list of top architecture firms in Bangalore based on reviews, pricing & testimonials and more.

1. Ashwin Architects  

Established in 2003, Ashwin Architects works to meet the demands of interior designing customers and those who want their homes to be beautifully designed. It was started with the intention of bridging the divide that exists between people’s perception of their personal spaces & the stark reality of the buildings coming up in the urban jungles.

Since its establishment, this leading architect in Bangalore helps to create projects healthily, creatively and by optimizing the space. The company has expertise in housing layouts, individual houses, bungalows, commercial complexes, gated societies and apartments.

To date, the company has completed many residential and commercial projects. With Ashwin Architects, you can experience holistic designs, contemporary architecture and the cultural context in which they are set in.

Website: Ashwinarchitects

2. Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects  

Headed by architect Gaurav Roy Choudhury, GRCA is an exclusive architectural practice that was founded in 2007. This firm is based out of Bangalore but has successfully executed numerous projects starting from factories, apartments and houses all across the country.

The best part about this company is that they take on a very limited number of projects at a time and deeply focus on design, detail and execution, giving the customer’s full attention. The main aim of Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects has always been to articulate the various movements and to take the project brief from the ‘said’ to the ‘unsaid’.

Their young team of professionals strives to absorb all domains of exposure and influence with hopes of redefining ‘honest’ architecture through the process of storytelling and re-invention.

Website: Grca

3. BetweenSpaces  

Based in Bangalore, Between Spaces is a popular architecture and design company founded in 2010. The firm has already created a lot of buzz by winning the NDTV Design, Architecture Award 2015 and IA&B Young Designers Award 2016.

This firm is a small practice with their own personalities and values. But when it comes to work, they discuss and give importance to every aspect of the project, understanding the requirements of the clients. Their designs are the perfect balance of traditional and modern, innovation and nature.

While their interdisciplinary and collaborative approach made this firm even more successful. What makes Between Spaces stand out from the crowd is their professional attitude towards the clients, where we keep aside their differences and design something which at the end of the day turns out to be the most obvious solution.

Website: Betweenspaces

4. Kamat & Rozario Architecture  

Kamat & Rozario Architecture is a multi-disciplinary, award-winning team of Architects that came into existence in the year 2007. This Bangalore-based company offers services in interior design, architecture and furniture design.

Lester Rozario and Smruti Kamat, the founders and principal architects of Kamat & Rozario Architecture with their highly skilled team work together to reflect the details of their designs and provide you with a simple but powerful solution for every scenario of the modern lifestyle.

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The company believes in originality, therefore they emphasize each process and focus on thoughtful & strong ideas to create designs that give a fresh look to the usual materials.

The USP of Kamat & Rozario Architecture is the fusion between a contemporary and historical design which allows each detail to be more highlighted.

Website: Kamatrozario

5. MYVN Architecture  

With a unique design philosophy, along with a radical approach and systematic management, MYVN Architecture is one of the best architectural firms in Bangalore that create an interactive, engaging and inventive office space reflecting their precise & complex coding ideology.

Founder/Principal Architect Elayaraja Mayavan, set up this firm with highly creative and innovative architects who have a strong belief in the fundamentals of design philosophies and processes.

Further, this multi-disciplinary architectural firm uses contemporary tools, the latest techniques and various computational methods that not only help bring new perspectives to the fundamentals but also lets the team witness the shift of work processes into virtual formats.

Currently, the firm is working on multi-scaled architectural, interior and urban design projects in different areas of India.

Website: Myvn

6. CollectiveProject  

CollectiveProject is a boutique design studio founded in Bangalore, India by partners Cyrus Patell and Eliza Higgins in 2013. This young international firm deals in multiple categories from high-end residential bungalows, hospitality to institutional projects across the globe including Korea, Italy, Germany, and Australia.

As a studio, CollectiveProject is passionate about all their projects and treats them equally. Whether it be conceptual development in the office or construction in the field, they create projects that are responsive and carefully considered.

Their approach is fluid and open, focusing on cultural, environmental and technological aspects. In 2020 and 2021, the studio has been included on the AD 100 list of the most influential designers in India.

Website: Collectiveproject

7. Desquare  

Ar. Naveen G.J. started Desquare in 2011 with a mission to shape the environment around us. And within a few years of its inception, this multi-disciplinary young firm has successfully undertaken a wide range of development projects, whether it be encompassing contemporary styles, traditional sketches or elegant home renovation ventures.

It houses a staff of enthusiastic and committed professionals who have all the capabilities to experiment and innovate. While designing the projects, they focus on getting the right balance between the builds so that you get the best possible output as per your requirements.

In order to strive to be one of the best residential architects in Bangalore, Desquare always gives top priority to quality which makes this firm more reliable and trustworthy.

Website: Desquare

8. Biome Solutions

On number 8 we have placed Chitra Vishwanath’s Biome Solutions, a versatile residential architect firm that is known for its ecological and sustainable architecture.

Since the founder Chitra’s design style is based on earthy and indigenous natural materials, Biome environmental solutions focus on creating architecture that blends aesthetically, efficiently and almost therapeutically with surroundings.

Each project undertaken or building engineered by the firm is in a callous, capitalistic, and self-absorbed built environment. They use recycled materials and keep it really simple and utilitarian. Apart from that, they enhance the ambiance with flora and fauna including a wide variety of birds, insects and fish which helps in altering the air quality for residents.

Overall Biome Solutions with such thoughtful ideas and eco-friendly techniques have become a necessity in countries like India.

Website: Biomesolutions

9. A360 architects  

People recognize A360 Architects as a top-notch architecture company that gives their best to meet the customers’ requirements. With a dedicated team of design professionals, the company delivers luxurious interior design for your home to give it a world-class feel.

A360 was founded in the year 2000 by Subhash Saraff and today it has become one of the most renowned architecture companies. The organization boasts a group of professionals dedicated to connoisseurs of various expertise, focusing on every step of construction, ensuring full dedication and commitment.

They do their best to create and establish a living environment that is most suitable and appropriate in accordance with function & design, mechanical and philosophical, satisfying the needs of the client. Overall A360 architects will provide you with aesthetics balanced with cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Website: a360architects

10. Designqube  

DesignQube is a curated consortium of architects and interior designers based in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore and Jaipur. It’s a process-driven team of young, resourceful & globally educated professional designers who work together, involving the client as a design partner.

Designqube began its journey in and ever since they have ensured that the customers remain at the center of their business operations and philosophy. They provide architecture and interior design solutions for both residential and commercial projects.

The company believes good design can help low-budget projects as well as high-budget projects equally, therefore they try to bridge the gap between users and good design.

The reason why DesignQube has become a reliable name in the industry is that they deliver the best experience to their customers.

Website: Designqube


No doubt Bangalore is blessed with a high number of architectural and design firms but we have only mentioned the 10 architectural firms that stand out. All the names in the above list have earned respect and prestige for their collaborative attitude and versatile work.

The staff, designers, architects and engineers they house are highly experienced and professional, thus, all these companies can be trusted without any second thoughts. So, hire any of these architectural firms and witness your dream come true.

We hope you find this article informative and it will help you choose the right architect according to your needs and budget. If you still have any confusion or queries feel free to write to us in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share your experience with us.


Who is the top Architect in Bangalore?

Ashwin Architects and Gaurav Roy Choudhury are the two names that come as leading architects in Bangalore.

How much does an architect cost in Bangalore?

It depends on the scope of work and many other factors. But on average, the architects in Bangalore usually charge a percentage of the total project cost or a fixed amount which is in the range of 5% to 20% of the total project cost.

Which is the best college for architecture in Bangalore?

There are 28 colleges in Bangalore for architecture. BMS College of Architecture and R.V. College of Architecture are the top-rated colleges for architecture.

Who is the best builder in Bangalore?

The Prestige Group, Brigade Group and Sobha Limited are the best builders in Bangalore.

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