10 Best PVC Pipe Brands In India

Whether it be the construction of private houses or commercial buildings, PVC pipes play a very important role. It has versatile applications in sewage, plumbing, drainage systems, chemical handling, drinking water distribution, irrigation systems, ventilation ducts, and other purposes.

Since PVC pipes have a high degree of inertness and resistance to corrosion, it helps in preserving drinking water quality. Also, they are free from biofilm contamination and hence can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

In recent years, with the rapid growth in infrastructure and modernization, the demand for efficient and high-quality plumbing & piping systems has also increased.

Therefore, it’s very crucial to use durable and reliable PVC pipes. In this article, we will be discussing some of the top PVC pipe brands in India, which offer quality products, and services.

Here’s the List of the Best PVC Pipe Brands In India. The list is sorted out based on the customer reviews and their reputed position in the Indian as well as international markets.

Best PVC Pipe Brands In India:

Let’s have a loot at the list.

1. Supreme

When it comes to total piping solutions, Supreme is a one-stop destination where you can get a wide range of products across different categories. Known for its quality and diverse applications, this brand has been operating in the Indian market for over 40 years.

Certified by various organizations, they make pipes using the latest technology, adhering to stringent quality standards, which means their pipes and fittings are not just of high-quality PVC resin, but they are durable, and resistant to corrosion & chemicals as well.

In terms of diversity, Supreme Pipes has a lot more. Whether you want PVC pipes for plumbing, sewage irrigation, sewage, or for construction purposes, you will get everything under a single roof.

Further, with a strong distribution network across India, they have a good customer support team to whom you can address your queries or concerns anytime.

Website: Supreme

2. Astral Pipes

Established in 1996, Astral Pipes is one of the prime manufacturers of PVC pipes and fittings. The company was started with the aim of earning consumer’s trust by striving to serve them to the best of their abilities, and it has become successful, as their highly efficient team continuously works on improving their product offerings, upgrading processes and materials and incorporating international standards.

What makes Astral Pipes a popular choice for customers across India is its commitment to innovation along with quality products and excellent customer service. Besides, Astral Pipes has also taken care of the environment by implementing various initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint.

At their manufacturing plants, they have set up solar panels, implemented rainwater harvesting and adopted a zero-discharge policy, taking a step towards sustainability.

Website: Astral Pipes

3. Ashirvad Pipes

Ashirvad Pipes was founded in 1998 as a joint venture between Aliaxis and local entrepreneurs. Over the years, it has grown into a leading player for plastic pipes and fittings with a huge range of products for different applications.

The company started its operations in Bengaluru with a factory on a 1-acre plot and today it has expanded its reach across not only in India but also provides services in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Their dedicated team of research and development focuses on developing advanced and innovative products so that they can offer the latest technology to their customers.

Ashirvad specialize in pipes with diverse requirements such as modern plumbing, drainage & sanitary solutions as well as for hot and cold water applications to be used in residential and commercial projects.

Website: Ashirvad Pipes

4. Finolex Industries

Since the last 40 years, Finolex Industries has been India’s most trusted PVC pipes and fittings manufacturer. Set up by P.P. Chhabria in 1981, this is a Maharashtra-originated company that makes quality products and offers excellent customer service.

Talking about the physical properties of Finolex PVC pipes, their pipes are made of lead-free compounds, therefore its safe for potable water and environment friendly too.

Also, all the pipes are UV stabilized, which means they will not be affected by the UV rays, making it an ideal option for external plumbing applications.

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Their pipes can even withstand higher temperatures as compared to other plastic piping systems. From a quality perspective, they adopt a stringent quality assurance approach at all stages of manufacturing, ensuring a high degree of reliability.

Website: Finolex Industries

5. Prince Pipes

Incorporated in 1987, Prince Pipes is one of India’s largest PVC pipe creators that came into existence with a mission to bring revolution in the plastic piping industry and create profitable growth of society at large.

The company stands for setting new trends and innovation in the piping industry, that’s the reason, recently the brand has won the Brand of the Year – Pipes Award at INEX Realty+ Awards 2022.

Also, in 2020 Prince Pipes has collaborated with Lubrizol, which is considered as the world’s largest manufacturer and inventor of CPVC compounds so that they can collectively distribute Flowguard Plus CPVC Plumbing Systems.

Whereas the company’s association with Tooling Holland BV – a global leader in plastic mould manufacturing, helps Prince Pipes with international standards and enhances its internal operational efficiencies by optimizing production costs.

Website: Prince Pipes

6. Apollo Pipes

If you’re in the hunt for a high-end water solution for your bath fittings, plumbing, agriculture, borewell, sewerage or water storage solutions then you can check out Apollo Pipes.

With an experience of over 35 years, Apollo Pipes is a strong retail network and distribution chain that uses all the new and emerging technologies.

Their product portfolio is vast which is designed keeping in mind the latest trends as well as durability is at the top priority. The best thing about them is that they work on utilizing the potential of non-renewable energy sources while focusing on customer satisfaction.

Apollo Pipes committed to sustainability has made them win several awards including the “Brand of the Year ” award from the World Branding Forum. Also, the company has been recognized by the Confederation of Indian Industry for its energy conservation efforts.

Website: Apollo Pipes

7. Vectus Industries

In 2004, Vectus Industries entered the Indian market with a commitment to deliver innovative and reliable polymer-based water storage and piping solutions.

In the last 19 years, the company has not just strengthened its presence in India but also become one of the most renowned names, expanding their services to over 30 countries across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

It’s an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that manufactures high-quality and durable products that can be used in commercial, residential and industrial applications. With its cutting-edge technologies and superior quality, the company strives to deliver products to conserve the elixir of life.

With the changing time, Vectus has adopted a new-age thinking approach which has helped the company to come up with many firsts, and become one of the leading PVC pipe brands.

Website: Vectus Industries

8. Jain Irrigation

Jain Irrigation is an Indian multinational conglomerate based in Jalgaon. Bhavarlal Jain founded this company in 1963 and today with operations in more than 120 countries it has a global presence.

In terms of its specialization, as the name suggests it primarily focuses on agricultural technology, specifically in the field of irrigation systems products and services like agro-processed products, drip & sprinkler irrigation systems, plastic pipes, solar water pumps, and greenhouses. In addition, Jain Irrigation also offers training and consultancy-related services to new farmers and other stakeholders.

Besides irrigation systems products, the brand boasts a huge range of PVC pipes for distinctive applications, including plumbing, drainage and more.

All their PVC pipes are made using polyvinyl chloride, which is considered to be durable, strong, and resistant to corrosion and chemicals.

Website: Jain Irrigation

9. Dutron Pipes

Dutron Pipes is an Indian company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality plastic piping systems. The company was established in 1962 and has since become a leading supplier of plastic pipes and fittings in India.

Dutron Pipes offers a wide range of products including PVC pipes, CPVC pipes, HDPE pipes, sprinkler pipes, and SWR pipes. These products are used in various applications such as plumbing, irrigation, and construction.

The company has a strong focus on quality and innovation, with a dedicated research and development team constantly working to improve its products and processes.

Dutron Pipes has also received several certifications for their products, including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Overall, Dutron Pipes is known for its high-quality products, innovation, and commitment to customer satisfaction, making it a trusted brand in the Indian plastic piping industry.

Website: Dutron Pipes

10. Kankai Pipes

Affiliated in 2010, Kankai Pipes is a comparatively new entry in the Indian market. But within such a short time span, the company has achieved a commendable position among the people.

They trade in the field of manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings and offer their customers with quality-based products, which has paved them a better business at a consistent pace.

From a performance perspective, as a leading pipes-producing firm they have done a tremendous job by maintaining its high-end product quality and integrating state–of–the–art facilities with warehousing units, packaging units and quality control units.

Further, their team of professionals with all their experience and in-depth knowledge provides great support and assistance to their customers at all times.

Website: Kankai Pipes


In conclusion, though besides these 10 PVC pipe brands, there are several other names offering a variety of products in this category, we have recommended only those which are reliable and are best at their services.

All the brands we have mentioned in the above list not only have extensive product portfolios but also offer superior quality products for different applications.

When it comes to selecting a PVC pipe brand, it is very much important to consider factors like durability, quality, performance, after-sales service and customer support in order to make an informed decision.

We hope you find this article informative and if you still have any questions regarding this matter feel free to write to us in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share your experience with us, as your feedback helps us improve.

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