10 Best Lighting Brands With Affordable Pricing In India

No doubt the presence of natural light is very beneficial, but every time you can’t rely on it, especially at night you need artificial light. For this India has taken many important steps. And over a period of time, India has established itself as a key country to fight climate change.

Today India is one of the biggest markets for LED lights in the world. It is also because high-quality lighting often outperforms conventional lighting in terms of sturdiness, lifespan and light output. Hence we can say lighting is essential in any space be it an office, room, hospital or even a restaurant, you need to have good lighting.

Talking about the companies that have made it possible for the country to become a prime market for lighting, there are plenty of brands around us specializing in the business of lighting. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 lighting brands in India.

Best Lighting Brands In India

Now, Take a look at the list.

1. The White Teak Company

The White Teak Company Lights India
Image Credits © whiteteak.com

Two Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs Pawan Mehta and Gagan Mehta founded The White Teak Company in 2016 with a view to bringing international standards of lighting design and quality to the Indian market.

This tech-enabled firm offers a wide range of lighting and decorative solutions including pendants, chandeliers, floor and table lamps to flush-mounted and wall lights, covering every design for different rooms of the home, office, restaurant or hotel.

The company is continuously evolving and is always on the lookout for innovative ideas that will provide customers with a seamless shopping experience so that they can live a more sophisticated lifestyle with the best options.

Currently, The White Teak company has 13 stores providing shipping options all over India from its warehouses in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi.

Website: Whiteteak

2. Orange Tree

Orange Tree Lightings Company
Image Credits © orangetree.in

Believing in bringing beauty to your rooms, Orange Tree is a leading online furniture and lighting store in India that creates an extensive range of wooden furniture as well as modern lighting solutions, accentuating the charm of your home decor.

The company designs its lighting collection with the utmost care and represents various fascinating trends that will perfectly complement your home decor. They host a plethora of the trendiest and exclusive designs of home decoration lights allowing you to select the best suit for your rooms.

This site supports multiple payment options for your convenience, so you can make online transactions against your purchase in a more simple and safe manner. Also, their return and exchange policies are reliable as well.

Website: Orangetree

3. Lights by Tisva

Lights By Tisva
Image Credits © lightsbytisva.com

Founded in 2014, Tisva Lighting is a trustworthy name and an addition to the diversified portfolio of Usha International Limited providing effective lighting. The company goes beyond ordinary lighting concepts and offers a collection of aesthetic luminaires designed to illuminate contemporary homes, allowing consumers to indulge their emotions and play with light.

Their lighting solutions are a perfect combination of beauty with cutting-edge technology to showcase inspirational lighting, where colors and hues can be changed and modulated according to moods. With stunning lanterns, twinkling fairy lights, sleek lit tubes and rustic string bulbs you can create a distinctive ambiance in your home and warm up your heart.

Apart from that, you can also find breathtaking chandeliers and beautiful lamps to bulbs of all sorts, starting at INR 229 and can go up to INR 13,99,000 and beyond.

Website: Lightsbytisva

4. Harold

Harold Electricals
Image Credits © haroldelectricals.com

Harold is another high-end lighting brand established in 1957. With more than 40 years of expertise, Harold provides you a comprehensive range of over 1000 reliable and practical commercial lighting solutions spread across 40+ categories that are designed to bring the absolute best of your commercial or office spaces.

This 4th generation of family-run business empowers you to select the best lighting solutions for your space by offering high-quality chandeliers, hanging lights, wall lights & more on the basis of lumens recommendation, color temperature guidance & size.

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In their showroom, you can get a wide selection of unique lighting pieces, handcrafted lamps & fixtures repurposed from antique things like Japanese vases & figurines or vintage glass that you won’t find anywhere else.

Website: Harold

5. Amazon

Amazon Lightings
Image Credits © amazon.in

Explore the extensive variety of lighting solutions for your home at Amazon. Jeff Bezos developed Amazon in 1994. This American multinational technology company was introduced to digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

It allowed their users to search or browse Amazon’s different styles of lighting like light bulbs, smart lights, emergency lights, tube lights & battens, desk lights and ceiling lights to make your home look more attractive.

The lights available on Amazon are designed for multipurpose use that can be utilized for your living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, hall, balcony, front door, garden, office, shopping mall, stairway, etc.

The lighting system offered by this site has been constructed using advanced technology keeping in mind the latest generation. Plus, most of the lights are compatible with google assistant and Alexa which can be controlled with your voice.

Website: Amazon

6. Light & Living

Lights and Living
Image Credits © lightsandliving.com

Rahul Jalan started Light & Living in 2010 as a small lighting store in Bangalore, and 10 years down, it is one of the market leaders in the lighting industry within India. With an array of unique designs and a huge collection of both indoor and outdoor lights, the company offers you with a wide selection of decorative lights to choose from.

So whether you are in a hunt for an intricate and grand chandelier, or simply want simple and classic pendant lights, you can visit Light & Living for your requirements. Aside from decorative lights, it offers task lighting variations as well.

In addition to that, they also have customized LED lights and easy-installation picture lights to feature with some artworks or photos. Talking about the price, Light & Living have the most reasonably-priced lights you can find in all of India while maintaining the best quality and innovative designs.

Website: Lightsandliving

7. Hatsu

Hatsu Lightings Company
Image Credits © hatsu.in

Based in Mumbai, Hatsu is a design studio that creates unique modern lighting that is immediately recognizable. The concept was introduced by Saumil Suchak with the idea to make some distinctive designs available to people that are eclectic, romantic and minimal.

Hatsu presents a range of immersive and minimalistic products with a lot of beauty and elegance. Some products that buyers can expect to find at these exclusive online selling platforms are chandeliers, pendant lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, LED bulbs, commercial lighting products, etc.

Hatsu Lights not only enrich the appearance of your home with a lot of charm and grace but also influence the user’s lives. So whether you are planning to rewire your room or renovate the whole house, you can give this brand a chance without a second thought.

Website: Hatsu

8. Fandom Lights

Fandom Lights
Image Credits © fandomlights.com

Fandom Lights is a Delhi-based popular online platform that provides a huge range of stylish home lighting and chandeliers for modern homeowners. Fandom Lights was founded with an aim to offer modern, luxurious yet affordable lighting solutions for the convenience of their buyers across India.

On this new-generation website, you can find a wide collection such as ceiling lights, bollard lights, chandeliers, chandelier fans, crystal lights, outdoor wall lights, garden lights, pendant lamps, commercial lighting products, and more, which makes your shopping for luxury lighting and relevant products easier.

In addition, the brand also keeps on launching new products under a separate category called “New Launches”. What makes the brand stand out from other lighting brands in India is its modern profile, limited edition products and commitment to providing the best possible customer experience.

Website: Fandomlights

9. Light & You

Lights and You Lightings
Image Credits © lightandyou.com

In today’s world of large choices, Light & You is a one-stop destination that serves the varied needs of their customers. This leading online platform is known for its latest lighting brands, renowned designers and aided solutions.

Hardeep Gupta, Amit Gupta and Samta Nadeem started this company in order to help educate the customers about the newest trends and technology. Besides India, Light & You also caters its service internationally as well. But their India Series offers lamps from AKFD, Klove Studio and Rooshad Shroff.

The collection from the company not only offers you some of the most iconic creations by venerated designers but also gives you an opportunity to compose and articulate your space allowing you to create a heightened perception of emotion and experience.

Website: Lightandyou

10. Fos Lighting

Fos Lightings
Image Credits © foslighting.in

With more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing and designing light fixtures, FOS Lighting is a renowned brand that delivers innovative lighting solutions. The firm has built its foundation on quality customer service along with in-stock products.

The company uses leading-edge technology to create new levels of impact in both design and function. It offers chandeliers, as well as ceiling, table, floor, outdoor, recessed and festive lights.

All the light solutions on Fos Lighting are hand-finished and handcrafted by artisans from all over India, which means they are made of supreme quality materials like Brass, Stainless Steel, or Aluminium, enhancing durability.

To give you a more personalized experience, Fos Lighting has 3 retail outlets in Faridabad, Gurugram, and Hyderabad.

Website: Foslighting


So, you just went through the list of the Top 10 lighting brands in India that have emerged as a prominent way of transforming the look of your home and office. All the lighting companies mentioned above are trustworthy and play a vital role that cannot be overlooked since they act as pivotal supply chains as the demand for quality lighting increases in India.

By choosing any of these brands, you can get high-standard lights and at a reasonable price. Therefore, we highly recommend that you must go through this list and pick one that you see fit.

Hope you find this article informative. If you still have any questions regarding this topic you can write to us in the comment section below.

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