5 Best Interior Designers In Visakhapatnam (Vizag)

Over the years, Visakhapatnam is rapidly developing and has emerged as a major industrial and commercial hub, attracting many visitors from across the country. Besides, the city is known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning beaches.

In terms of interior design, Visakhapatnam is a house of many talented interior designers who are masters in creating beautiful spaces for homes, offices, and other commercial buildings. The interior design industry in this city is not just Innovative but also diverse that caters to a wide range of clients, starting from individual homeowners to commercial enterprises.

That’s the reason, all the interior design service providers are constantly evolving themselves and keeping up with advanced technologies like 3D printing, virtual reality and the latest trends to meet the distinctive requirements of their clients.

In this article, we are going to recommend to you the list of Top 5 Interior Designers In Visakhapatnam that will give you the most satisfying and sustainable results.

Best Interior Designers In Visakhapatnam

Now let’s look into the list below:

1. Livespace

Trusted by millions of people, Livspace is one of the most popular names in the home interior and renovation industry in Visakhapatnam. The firm was set up in July 2014 by Anuj Srivastava and Ramakant Sharma with the aim to offer a happier experience to homeowners.

The company has two services for the customers, the first one is Livspace Select which is for modular products and the other one Livspace Vesta for full home interiors.

Though Livspace specializes in a wide range of high-quality, customizable yet budget-friendly modular solutions like kitchens, TV units, wardrobes, bookshelves, shoe racks, etc.

The company has expanded its operation to cover commercial spaces such as retail, offices, hospitality and Warehousing. Livpsace has also won the Design Excellence Award (Silver) for Best Residential Design just three years back in 2020.

The reason behind the success is their diverse team of highly skilled professionals, designers and experts who do their best to make your home look the way it could be. Furthermore, thanks to their precision-engineered manufacturing technology with 4-sigma accuracy, which ensures zero ‘oops’ moments, and gives you the best results.

Website: Livspace

2. Ark Architect and Interiors

Founded in 2014, Ark Architect and Interiors is a reputed and talented interior design firm in Visakhapatnam that provides high-quality services and lets you witness the most innovative, modern yet classy interior designs for homes as well as commercial spaces.

Their team of energetic and young professionals creates one of the best, unique architectural and interior solutions keeping in mind the different aspects of clients’ needs and tastes. They handle each problem with an open mind and without any preconceived notions they try to resolve it.

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The core strength of Ark Architect and Interiors is that they first understand the aspirations, personality and lifestyle of the client who is actually going to live in that space and then design the project in the best possible way.

At the end they not just create shelters, they provide you peace where you immerse yourself in the architectural strength as well as the placidity and calmness brought by color, light, rhythm, and textures that come with the interior design and decoration.

Website: Arkarchitects

3. Inside Mantra

Inside Mantra is a place where you can get exceptional designs ranging from modest to straight line in the most innovative and unorthodox ways at an affordable price range. Whether it be residential spaces or commercial projects, this company does it all in the world and offers their clients best-in-class services.

Since you spend most of your time in your home, it should make you feel calm, comfortable and relaxed, therefore, their efficient team gives the extra attention that your space required to give a composite delivery of design.

Further, they let you choose from millions of options starting with colors of paint to right decor items that will match your taste perfectly.

Also, Inside Matra brings life to your space by adding small details, placing plants to liven up your decor, suggesting different themes as per your personality and liking. And all these things together make up your beautiful home.

Website: InsideMantra

4. 75 Services

If you are planning to decorate, renovate, or build your dream home and are confused which is the best option, then you can check out 75 Services, a well-known interior designing company that will make your home a true reflection of you, and provide you with tailor-made solutions at affordable prices.

They deal in all kinds of services like apartment painting, false ceiling work, modular kitchen & Interior designers, putty and painting, crack filling, woodwork, and more. Their diverse clients not just include residential services but are also from huge companies and out of Visakhapatnam as well.

All the applicators the company appoints are highly trained and hold all the necessary permits, ensuring you get all the comfort, style and elegance.

At 75 Services, you can find an extensive range of stunning interiors from trendy to classy designs that are exclusively designed to give the clients’ home decor an aesthetically appealing look at a very reasonable price. The best part is that they treat every client uniquely and offer solutions as per their requirements and taste.

Website: 75Services

5. Splendid

Splendid is a group of dynamic and versatile interior designers who excel in providing functional and unique designs for both residential and commercial spaces. Headquartered in Visakhapatnam, this firm was established in 2004, with a vision to create a space that is exceptionally individualistic and matches the identity of the customer.

No matter whether it be executing the business space or structuring of residential projects, Splendid has contacted each component of the interior design domain efficiently. Their capable staff of inside originators and engineers can handle any sort of space design project guaranteeing the best output as per the desires of the client that too within the planned time and cost while not compromising with the quality.

First, they understand the clients’ vision and requirements and then offer innovative solutions that meet their expectations. As far as their services are concerned, this is like a one-stop solution where you can get all types of interior designing services like space planning, lighting design, furniture design, decor selection, project management, and more.

Website: Splendidinteriors


To summarize, a beautiful city like Visakhapatnam thrives with many skilled, talented and experienced interior designers who offer bespoke solutions for both small homes and commercial spaces.

All these top-rated interior design firms are not just creative, but also give attention to even tiny details, and deliver customized solutions that exceed the customers’ expectations.

So whether you are thinking of elevating the overall look of your home or transforming your office, these interior designers will help you create an aesthetically pleasing and functional living and working environment, suits your taste and preferences.

All the 5 companies listed in this article are reliable and best in their own way so you can choose any of these Interior designers and rest assured that your home is in good hands.

We hope you find this article informative and if you still have any questions in your mind feel free to write to us in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and suggestions, as we will look for your valuable feedback.

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