7 Best Interior Designers In Surat

Surat is home to some renowned interior designers, each offering unique and innovative design solutions. These designers are known for their exceptional creativity, attention to detail, and ability to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

With a focus on understanding their clients’ needs and delivering high-quality designs, in this article we concluded “7 Best Interior Designers In Surat” who established themselves as leaders in the industry.

Whether it’s residential or commercial projects, these designers excel in providing comprehensive design solutions that cater to a diverse range of preferences and styles.

Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence have contributed to their recognition as among the best in Surat.

Best Interior Designers In Surat For Home Interiors

Let’s check out the best.


OBAKU DESIGN: Transforming Dreams into Reality. Founded in 2010 by Mr. Jignesh Takodia, OBAKU DESIGN is a prominent Indian design firm specializing in interior design and architectural services.

With a passion for architectural excellence, The company bring together products innovation, efficient processes, and a dedicated team to deliver functional and innovative solutions.

OBAKU comprehensive 360° architecture and interior design services cover residential, institutional, and commercial projects. Whether creating a space from scratch or revamping an existing one, The expertise ensures a seamless journey from conceptual planning to detailed budget breakdowns.

At OBAKU, sustainability is at the heart of their design philosophy. They prioritize eco-friendly materials, low VOC products for indoor air quality, and energy-efficient solutions.

Through upcycling and local sourcing, They were minimize waste and environmental impact, promoting a greener and more sustainable future. Join them in transforming your dream space into a tangible, timeless reality.

Website: Obakudesign

2. J-9 Associates

Founded in 2004 by Interior Designer Alpesh Mod, J9 Associates is a versatile enterprise offering specialized architecture and interior design solutions for corporate, commercial, retail, hospitality, and residential spaces.

They strongly believe that the ambiance of a space influences a person’s mood and lifestyle, tailoring their designs to bring out the best in every individual. With a commitment to quality, innovation, variety, and that own values, were qualified team employs artistic skills and embraces experimentation to deliver unique, client-focused designs.

They company motto is to seamlessly blend professionalism with our clients’ desires, prioritizing aesthetics and comfort for optimal satisfaction.

Alpesh Mod, the visionary behind J9 Associates, emphasizes drawing inspiration from nature. He advocates for interiors and architecture that not only mirror clients’ ideas and goals but also explore exciting, uncharted possibilities.

Encouraging everyone to break free from rigid design constraints, Alpesh advises embracing creativity, experimenting with materials, and approaching visions from fresh perspectives.

By understanding each material’s uniqueness and exploring unconventional avenues, he encourages individuals to transform their visions into reality with an open mind and a touch of creativity.

Website: J-nine

3. D’zine

D’ZINE, led by Piyush Hiran, is a renowned interior design firm based in Surat. Despite being a deliberately small practice, they pride themselves on working closely with clients to deliver projects of various scales, catering to their unique needs and desires.

Known for their warm aesthetics and sophisticated style, D’ZINE offers complete design development solutions that encompass conceptual visualization and quality project execution.

Their approach combines international ergonomic principles with creative solutions, setting them apart as a leader in the industry and enabling clients to realize their design dreams.

With a commitment to delivering projects ranging from small interventions to large-scale endeavors, D’ZINE’s dedication to understanding clients’ spaces and requirements ensures each design reflects the finest global trends and luxury standards.

This personalized approach sets D’ZINE apart, solidifying their reputation as one of the best interior design firms in Surat.

Website: Dzine

4. Studio 4

Studio 4 Interior Designer, nestled in the heart of Surat, stands out as a dynamic design haven, specializing in the creation of inspiring interior spaces. With an unwavering commitment to delivering personalized and innovative design solutions, this studio has carved a niche for itself, earning accolades for its boundless creativity.

Established in 2011, Studio 4 has become a transformative force in the realm of residential and commercial design across Surat. The studio’s hallmark is its dedication to quality and client satisfaction, evident in every project undertaken.

The talented team at Studio 4 brings a fusion of expertise and a genuine passion for design to the table, ensuring that each endeavor is a unique reflection of the client’s vision and preferences.

Whether the task at hand involves transforming living spaces into inviting sanctuaries or crafting functional and aesthetically pleasing work environments, Studio 4 Interior Designer in Surat takes pride in its commitment to bringing dreams to life.

The studio’s approach goes beyond mere functionality; it strives for thoughtful and aesthetic design that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of their clients’ desires, Studio 4 stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of creativity and practicality in the world of interior design.

Website: Studio4

5. The Interior Workshop

THE INTERIOR WORKSHOP: Crafting Timeless Spaces with Passion and Precision. Established in 2011 by the visionary Ar.Tejas Mistry, THE INTERIOR WORKSHOP has evolved into a symbol of refined taste, exceptional service, and unparalleled quality in Surat.

Operating with unwavering business ethics, They were pride themselves on reliability and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each project is an authentically distinctive experience for their clients.

Led by Founder and Principal Designer, Tejas Mistry, the dedicated team transforms commercial, residential, industrial, restaurant, and various spaces into powerful expressions of their clients’ personalities.

Embracing a collaborative design approach, They keep encourage clients to shape and refine their own style. Prioritizing enduring quality over fleeting trends, They also deliver designs that stand the test of time, offering not just beauty but comfort and functionality.

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Recognizing that the essence of designs lies in the people who inhabit them, whether it’s a cozy family home or a grand resort, THE INTERIOR WORKSHOP excels in creating beautiful design transformations for projects of any size.

According to Tejas, a successful design encapsulates desire, enthusiasm, simplicity, innovation, grace, and client necessities—a therapeutic process that culminates in the satisfaction of seeing clients delighted with the final result.

Website: Theinteriorworkshop

6. Dharmang Interiors

Dharmang Interior Designer: Elevating Spaces with Timeless Elegance. Based in Surat, Gujarat, Dharmang Interior Designer and Decoration Constructions is a seasoned company with over 8 years of expertise in classic decorations.

The creative interior design services cater to both small and large-scale projects for companies and individuals throughout Gujarat. Specializing in classic style, art decorations, and decorative paints, we bring a touch of timeless elegance to every space we design.

Dharmang services encompass a wide range, including unique commercial office designs, residential or commercial villas, institutional designing for schools and universities, hospitality designing, and distinctive stand and furniture designing.

Their team of designers is dedicated to providing clients with affordable yet impressive ideas, ensuring that the foundations set today are ready for tomorrow.

Dharmang Interior Designer excels in various areas of expertise, including space planning, 2D layout, 3D perspective, or 3D animations in virtual reality. The company proficiency extends to gypsum works, encompassing ceiling designs, partitions, gypsum decorations, wooden works, and detailed furniture design.

Whether it’s an Islamic or Italian style, our professional creative ornaments add a unique touch to every project, reflecting our commitment to bringing dreams to life through thoughtful design.

Website: Dharmanginterior

7. Shubham Designs

SHUBHAM DESIGNS: Crafting Dreams into Reality. At SHUBHAM DESIGNS, the vision is to turn clients’ expectations into tangible realities.

With a mission to foster long-term relationships by consistently delivering innovative and exceptional designs within optimal budgets, the purpose is to establish ourselves as a leading firm in the field of Architecture and Interior Designing.

Proud of their sophisticated designs, responsive approach, and commitment to sustainability, The trusted company’s skilled team of highly qualified engineers and designers strives to be the premier architects and interior designers in Surat.

They aim not just to create spaces but to be trusted design consultants, ensuring each project reflects the unique vision and style of our clients.

In their diverse portfolio, They excel in Residential Design, infusing individuality into each project to create homes that reflect style and vision. For Hospitality Design, they prioritize the look, environment, and comfort, offering cost-effective solutions with a passionate approach.

Simplifying workspaces is our expertise in Commercial Design, where the creative vision and technological advancements merge to provide a sense of pride for their clients.

At SHUBHAM DESIGNS, They understand that small details make a significant difference, and the team is dedicated to offering expert guidance in selection and placement, ensuring each project stands out.

Website: Shubhamdesigns


In conclusion, these 7 best interior designers in Surat” boasts a wealth of talent, with professionals who consistently demonstrate their ability to transform spaces into stunning, functional, and personalized environments.

Their dedication to understanding client needs and delivering exceptional design concepts has solidified their reputation as some of the best in the industry.

Whether it’s through innovative residential designs or striking commercial spaces, these interior designers in Surat continue to impress with their creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence, making them standout choices for anyone seeking top-notch interior design services.

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