11 Best Interior Designers In Kolkata For 2024

A home is the center of our lives. We spend a lot of time there, thinking and playing in it. Therefore, making it comfortable, attractive, and safe is essential. An interior designer makes your home beautiful by transforming an empty or dull-looking space into a comfortable living masterpiece.

Interior design is a multi-layered process that involves many different aspects of creativity and artistry. This explains why a professional interior designer is one of the best investments you can make for your home, new office, or even a commercial space.

This list of the 11 Best Interior Designers In Kolkata aims to show you some of the best-known names in the business who have proven themselves time and time again by creating gorgeous spaces for their clients and incorporating creativity into practicality!

11 Best Interior Designers In Kolkata

Let’s go and check out the complete list below.

1. BlueMasons

BlueMasons Interior Designer Kolkata
Image Credits © bluemasons.com

First on the list are the BlueMasons.

BlueMasons designs are widely considered to be one of the best approaches to interior design. The name “BlueMasons” comes from the blue tints used in many of their traditional techniques. Today, BlueMasons has evolved into a leading company that provides high-quality designs for homes, offices, and public spaces worldwide. They do this through a collaborative approach with their clients that ensures they receive complete clarity on the aesthetic choices they need to make.

One of the primary factors contributing to BlueMasons’s success is its reputation for quality control. In collaboration with their clients, they ensure that all aesthetic decisions have been made before any work begins on interior space.

Besides being one of the best approaches to designing an interior space, BlueMasons’ designs are popular worldwide since they are tailored perfectly to global taste profiles while following local aesthetic regulations. Their collaborative approach has also contributed significantly towards making them one of the most successful names in the interior designing industry!

Official Site: BlueMasons

2. DS INFRA Interior

DS INFRA Interior
Image Credits © thedsinfra.com

DS INFRA is a premium interior designing company in Kolkata whose main objective is to provide the best services for its clients. This firm has been working for many years and has gained respect from all over the country. It also provides services for commercial as well as residential purposes. DS Infra aims to not only create beautiful spaces but also help people live their lives more happily and comfortably through their designs.

DS INFRA offers services like office design, home design, corporate offices, and many more. These are provided with the help of experienced designers who have vast knowledge about their work, are highly dedicated, and always try to provide their clients with the best possible solution.

Their designers transform spaces into welcoming environments suitable for daily use by end users such as homeowners, tenants, and guests alike through incorporating elements such as furniture, wall art, and lighting fixtures among others according to the project requirements of their clients.

Official Site: DS INFRA Interior

3. Cee Bee Design Studio

Cee Bee Design Studio
Image Credits © ceebeedesignstudio.com

Every year, millions of people choose to update their homes with new interior designs. However, many are confused by the options available to them. Several interior design companies offer varying levels of quality and price based on their services. One popular option is interior design by CeeBee Design Studio based in Kolkata. At this design studio, clients can choose from various options for creating a stylish space tailored to their specifications.

Every designer at CeeBee Design Studio uses their ideas to create a new and improved space. To create a space, designers start with an idea for a room and then translate this into a plan for building it. Next, they work with architects to create plans for building the space exactly as desired by the customer.

Although traditional interior design approaches involved commissioning skilled artists or craftspeople to interpret a vision, modern methods such as those used by Cee Bee Design Studio present more affordable alternatives for many people’s needs.

Official Site: Cee Bee Design Studio

4. Luxurious Interior Decoration (LID Interior)

Luxurious Interior Decoration Kolkata
Image Credits © lidinterior.com

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, LID interior has been providing excellent interior design solutions to its clients across Kolkata. Creating luxurious homes is what LID interior excels at. They transform spaces using taste, aesthetics, and functionality to create cozy living areas that owners love spending time in.

LID Interiors believe design should not just look good, but should reflect your style and personality. A team of seasoned professionals works closely with you to understand what you want, in order to help you achieve exactly that. Their team has vast experience in designing homes that are customized according to client’s requirements with a focus on functionality as well as aesthetics.

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They glow up each owner’s style by incorporating their favorite items into the space— from furnishings to artwork to color schemes— resulting in a personal aesthetic statement. When working on a project, their team of designers keeps clients updated on progress via regular correspondence and visuals via photography or computer-generated artwork.

Official Site: Luxurious Interior Decoration

5. Kalakrity Interiors

Kalakrity Interiors Kolkata
Image Credits © kalakrity.info

One of the most popular and prominent interior designing companies that have been serving Kolkata for a very long and respectful time is Kalakrity. The company has built up a strong reputation for providing high-quality and attractive designs. In addition, the company offers a wide range of services such as furniture and lighting.

Furthermore, many customers have praised the company for its excellent customer service. As a result, it is no surprise that many people choose to hire Kalakrity when they need an interior designer and already count Kalakrity among the best interior designers in the city.

Kalakrity is proud to have been able to offer several options to its clients and has earned a good reputation because of this. It’s always smart to hire an interior designer that offers a wide range of services. This can help you in finding the best options when it comes to decorating your home as with them, you will be able to imagine your home your way.

Official Site: Kalakrity Interiors

6. Elegant Interiors

Elegant Interiors Kolkata
Image Credits © elegantinterior.info

Elegant Interiors is a renowned interior designing company in Kolkata that provides the best as well as out-of-the-box interior designing concepts for its clients. They believe in delivering quality with style and offering clients the best results for their house, office, or any other place that needs to be decorated or reimagined. It is a one-stop solution for all your Interior design needs at very reasonable as well as affordable prices.

They have been in this industry for quite some time now and their team consists of a group of highly trained professionals who specialize in applying aesthetics to buildings such as apartments and offices. They use creativity and have a keen eye for detail when applying aesthetics to spaces such as furniture, fabrics, and finishes spaces such as bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. They also create plans for space applications such as window dressing and terrace/balcony decorating as well as flooring schemes— all based on the client’s needs, budget and taste preferences.

Official Site: Elegant Interiors

7. Hannah Interior Concepts

Hannah Interior Concepts Kolkata
Image Credits © hannahinteriorconcepts.in

Many people choose to design their homes themselves, whether they’re doing a DIY project or hiring an interior designer. Doing so allows you to specify exactly what you want in your home, making it uniquely yours. One popular way to design a home is with Hannah Interior Concepts in Kolkata. The company specializes in traditional and modern interior concepts and has a team of talented designers.

Hannah Interior Concepts has a wide range of designs to meet different client needs. Its designers can easily modify their plans based on the client’s input. Clients can contact the company directly via phone or email with any questions or suggestions they may have. They can also request a consultation with one of Hannah’s Interior designers via skype or in-person meetings. This allows the designers to see the clients’ spaces in person so they can better understand their needs and make adjustments as necessary. 

 Creating a stunning new space is easy when you work with Hannah Interior Concepts- the company specializes in designing unique spaces that suit individual tastes and needs. Clients will receive all services outlined above at no cost, allowing them to fully customize their new home!

Official Site: Hannah Interior

8. A square designs

A square designs In Kolkata
Image Credits © asquaredesigns.in

 A square designs interior designing company in Kolkata primarily focuses on creating beautiful spaces for its clients. They work on the most efficient ways to decorate your new home. Clients can easily select the designs they’d like their designated designer to create for them based on the information provided by the company website. The interior designers at this company are experienced and well-trained so they can create beautiful spaces suitable for any taste or style. Clients will love the results when their designer creates unique spaces suitable for their needs! Here are some thoughts on how they do it.

The designing company employs only the best interior designers who help you decorate your dream home. They have years of experience and are the best in their field. They understand all the latest interior design trends and are continuously learning new techniques to produce unique designs for their clients. This ensures that your home will have the latest and most fashionable designs. Each designer has access to many different materials, furnishings, and colors to ensure that your home will look beautiful from every angle.

Official Site: A square designs

9. ZAD Interiors

ZAD Interior Designers
Image Credits © zadinteriors.com

Based on an award-winning company from Kolkata, ZAD Interiors offers professional interior designing services to both businesses and individuals seeking unique designs for their homes or offices. ZAD Interiors offers interior designing services for all types of spaces including corporate, residential, and educational spaces. The company’s owners have more than 10 years of experience in this field and have designed spaces for clients across the country.

With the changing times, ZAD Interiors have also diversified and now offers services in a well-structured way for the most smooth experience. They use the latest software and technology to design spaces that meet the needs of each client.

Their designs are available in both traditional and modern styles. Traditional designs focus on creating warmth and coziness with natural elements such as wood and stone. Modern styles, on the other hand, are all about clean lines and minimal decoration.

Official Site: ZAD Interiors

10. Spectrum Interiors

Spectrum Interiors Kolkata
Image Credits © spectruminteriors.co.in

Spectrum interiors are widely known and famous for their super luxurious interior designing services and concepts that have been among the sight to behold.

The company designs beautiful interiors for homes, offices, and commercial and public spaces. It is safe to say that the designers use a spectrum of plots to represent the different interior styles. They also use dazzling colors and elegant designs to create stunning spaces. The design shows how modern, traditional, classic, and elegant styles are linked together. It also explains how these styles can be used to create various environments.

As a client, you can choose from a wide range of luxurious styles based on your budget and taste. They provide free consultations with their designers so that their clients can have an idea about their work before hiring them. After choosing their preferred style, clients can hire designers for any interior design project they want to be done- from a simple home makeover to an extravagant high-end resort or clubbing spot.

Official Site: Spectrum Interiors

11. Esthetic Interiors

Esthetic Interiors From Kolkata
Image Credits © estheticinteriors.com

Changing times bring new opportunities in interior designing, and many young homeowners seek out the best to reimagine their dream houses. Esthetic Interiors as a team of designers are a prime example of an artistic initiative to transform old and boring homes into modern and vibrant, suitable for artistic endeavors- through its interior designing skills and talent.

In Kolkata look no further than Esthetic Interiors. They are a team of passionate individuals who work hard to achieve every client’s expectations and deliver outstanding service at every step of the way. Their aim is simple – To deliver beautiful spaces that make people feel good about themselves, their surroundings, and their lives. it’s not just their design skills that set them apart, but also their dedication towards their clients and commitment to providing professional services. 

At Esthetic Interiors, designers understand how important your space is to you. They understand that the right space should suit your need and budget. Let Esthetic Interiors help you plan and create your dream home that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Official Site: Esthetic Interiors


Interior designing is a specialized field that involves the creation of a space — from the furniture and building materials used to the decorations you choose to place in and around your home. Interior designers are responsible for making sure that the home they’re working on is both safe and comfortable for its inhabitants.

But for many, interior design may be confusing or intimidating. That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile this list of the 11 best interior design companies in Kolkata. From top-notch design firms to family-owned businesses, these are the best places to find a qualified designer in Kolkata.

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