9 Best Interior Designers In Indore

Indore is a beautiful city located in the heart of India and is known for its rich architectural heritage & rapid urban development in real estate.

Thus the demand for interior designers in the city is also at its peak. And fortunately, there are plenty of interior architecture firms available in Indore, offering quality services including space planning, material & furniture selection, lighting design, and other decoration ideas, which will transform your space into a stunning, functional and comfortable environment.

For this purpose, we have gathered a list of 9 Best Interior Designers In Indore. This list will provide you with an overview of some renowned professionals in the field to make it easy for you to select the best one.

Best Interior Designers In Indore For 2024

Now let’s have a look at the list below:

1. Ashwini Architects Associates 

Headed by a team of skillful architects and designers, Ashwini Architects Associates is an architectural firm in Indore committed to making spaces stunning and comfortable by understanding the needs of its clients.

The company was started in mid–2003 with the intention to bridge people’s perception of contemporary architecture and the cultural context in which they are set in.

Over the course of its journey, the firm has been successful in achieving its goal by delivering high-quality architectural and design solutions which are a perfect combination of modern aesthetics, functionality and sustainable practices.

Besides residential, Ashwini Architects Associates also have expertise in apartment, commercial buildings, gated communities & hospitality projects. They create a meaningful interface in such a qualitative manner that enhances the positive energies of the space in terms of Vastu, function, form, climate control, and more.

Since this firm is at Indore Near, people especially first-time visitors can easily locate this establishment.

Website: Ashwiniarchitect

2. Spacegenics  

Passionate for designing and decorating interior spaces, Spacegenics is a one-stop destination that serves customers of both local and from other parts of Indore. Known for its inspiring and unique designs, the firm specializes in creating exceptional innovative residences and commercial premises by giving importance to sustainability.

They take care of each and every aspect starting from planning, and delivering projects to completion and furnishing. Their highly skilled team of professionals offers personalized designs that will not just express your distinctive style but also help you in saving your time, money and stress.

They realize the customer’s value for their dream spaces, and hence they design spaces that will make your living more harmonized and comfortable. They try to implement strategies that are more nature friendly and reduce the resource needs of buildings which is possible through resilient & regenerative ideas.

Website: Spacegenics

3. Visual Maker  

With an experience of 11 years, Visual Maker is a renowned interior and architectural designing firm committed to delivering the highest standards within a committed timeline.

The company serves in the field of interior designing for private residences, commercial premises, hospitality, health clubs, pharmaceutical, spas and salons, exhibitions, institutional, mixed-use and other projects.

At Visual Maker you will get to see designs that are combined with technical knowledge and artistic judgment together with common sense, ensuring the end result can fully satisfy your personality, taste and lifestyle, making your guests a little jealous.

Visual Maker can actually help you envision how your dream home will look before its completion using 3D VIEW so that you can make sure your space isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but also a perfect reflection of you.

Landscape design, illumination design, building management systems, IT solutions, fire fighting solutions and A/V solutions are some of the other services offered by the firm.

Website: Visualmaker

4. Studio23 

Led by Ar. Angad Kasliwal, Studio23 was set up in 2014 and since then it has become a popular name in the architecture and interior design field in Indore.

From its inception, the company adopted a sensitive approach to architectural and interior design that integrates humanities, arts, and culture and complied with the latest technology, sustainability and cost-effective measures.

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At Studio23, there are innovative and efficient young minds who will not just bring life into your space but also create a perfect balance between comfortable living with practicality and creativity.

Further, their focus is more on creating classic and timeless spaces, paying close attention to client’s needs. Interior design, furniture design & selection and creative DIY ideas are the three main areas in their practice that help to merge the luxury and comfort of the end user with our unique conceptualizations.

Website: Studio23

5. The Indore Interio  

As the name suggests, The Indore Interio is an ISO 9001:2015 certified architectural company that operates in Indore & Gwalior. This Interior & Exterior designing firm came into existence with the aim to provide elegant and stunning interior design services which are both functional as well as aesthetic.

Complied with an in-depth knowledge of design and international quality standards, the firm makes sure that all the services are delivered to the client within the promised time frame. They have a team of efficient interior designers who are well-experienced with various styles and can handle any kind of construction project with ease.

So whether you want to renovate your home, or set up a new office, restaurant, hotel, showroom, clubhouse, mall, or cafeteria you can contact The Indore Interio.

Another best thing about them is they always welcome customized enchanting and marvelous designs according to the customers’ needs.

Website: TheIndoreInterior

6. Interiors Venture  

Interiors Venture is a well-established and award-winning interior designing firm that knows how to perfectly blend traditional custom and modern elements together to bring a harmonious, rich, sophisticated yet relaxed feel to the space.

They deal in both commercial and residential projects, and till date they have delivered more than 934 projects. At Interiors Venture you can get a wide range of options for unique and beautiful designs that will suit your lifestyle and budget.

Their team focuses on each and every aspect starting from color, pattern, and texture to light so that you get what you dream of.

In terms of services, the area in which the company specializes includes Interior Work, 3D Visualization, Design Development, Space Planning, Materials & Furniture Selection, Lighting, Accessories, Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation, Living Spaces, Project Management & Decorative Services and more.

Website: InteriorsVenture

7. Team Interior  

With an experience of 20 years, Team Interior is a group of one of the best interior designers and architects who serve in different parts of Indore and other parts of the country. They do residential, commercial as well as turnkey projects, meeting the distinctive needs of their clients.

The company with its creative architects takes care of everything from floors to walls and ceilings, creating a perfect balance of empowering home and office design. When it comes to renovation, Team Interior helps to elevate the overall appearance of the space by providing quality construction and offering satisfaction in all phases of the process.

They not just treat all their clients fairly and equally but also welcome their clients’ suggestions by involving them in the quality improvement process, ensuring responsiveness and cost-effective work execution.

Website: TeamInterior

8. Asmat Groups  

Founded in 2016 by Asmat Sayyed, Asmat Groups is a relatively new entry in this field that aims to provide different services in India both offline and online. This platform is a full-service interior firm that acts as a one-stop solution for those who want to buy a property, build their dream home or renovate their old space.

This leading company boasts creators, ideates, problem solvers and innovators who are capable of offering different ideas for distinguished lifestyles to elevate their living environment.

If we talk about their style of architecture and design, they give emphasis to the themes related to Indian historic, and cultural ethos with a contemporary design which are always sensitive to client’s needs and values.

In addition, all the features, quality, and contexts of their interiors are designed to be relevant and sustainable.

Website: AsmatGroups

9. Dream House Makerz

Located in Indore, Dream House Makerz is an innovative space transformation firm that focuses on bringing visionary designs at pocket-friendly rates.

The company started its journey in 2020 with the tagline ‘Aapka Ghar Aap Ki Pehchan,’. And in just 3 years Dream House Makerz has successfully achieved over 500+ happy and satisfied clients by delivering the best services in a minimal time.

Partnered with human-centered designs, this company works towards redefining your dream home with fine quality and the fastest services. With their top-notch architect team, they design comfortable and aesthetic residential as well as commercial solutions that are both Vastu-appropriate and environmentally sensitive.

To avoid complications and ensure smooth functioning, they use the simplest way, so that the clients can also understand the working criteria and plans.

Website: Dreamhousemakerz


To conclude, Indore is a city with many talented architects and interior designers who can cater to the diverse needs of the clients with their innovative designs and unique styles.

Whether you are in search of a traditional design, modern aesthetics, or fond of eclectic designs, you wish for it and you will get it. All the names we have recommended above are professionals and have gained recognition for their unique approach, ability to create spaces that are pleasing, creativity and attention to detail.

So while selecting an interior designer in Indore, you can consider the portfolio of these firms to get beautiful and well-designed space. We hope you find this article informative and it will help you out in your decision-making process.

If you still have any questions regarding this matter feel free to write to us in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share your experience with us, as your feedback will help us in further improvement.

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