10 Best Interior Designers In Chandigarh To Explore In 2024

In the design industry overnight success is very rare, as they have to spend years working with clients, developing product lines, and establishing their brands. Today there are plenty of best-known designers available near you, in your own city who can take a variety of roads to the top.

You can spot them gracing the covers of magazines with buzzy clients, or landing regular gigs on TV. If we specifically talk about the beautiful city, Chandigarh, it has a lot of options for interior designers. They each have their own specialties & styles, and have certainly left their mark on the industry.

We have listed below the list of top 10 interior designers in Chandigarh that are reliable and can handle any kind of project be it residential, commercial or public space design with great ease.

Best Interior Designers In Chandigarh

Now let’s dive into the list below:

1. TBC Architecture  

Founded by Daanish Singh in 2013, TBC ARCHITECTURE is a boutique architecture and interior design firm that creates freshly styled spaces. Whether you want to elevate your space or work on an entire home style, this firm is the one that takes care of everything.

It handles a variety of projects along all disciplines including commercial, residential, restaurants, gyms etc. The company works on a contextual approach and combines this with a strong focus on the sensory and tactile qualities of the space.

While designing a space, they look at sustainability through the multiple aspects of social, cultural and environmental impact.

At TBC ARCHITECTURE, their team of professional designers accepts the challenges of confined dimensions or wide open spaces, which has led the company to the success of being one of the top Architecture & Interior Design firms in Chandigarh.

Check Website: Tbcarchitecture

2. Gurjot Shan Designs  

Gurjot Shan Designs is a creative firm that can successfully reflect your vision through designs. Gurjot Shan is the Creative Director and Founder of the company. This passionate company believes in longevity, functionality and quality of designs, hence creating designs that are powerful and speak to you.

Their team of professional designers first analyzes your personality, preferences & taste and then put their expertise for colors, patterns, shapes and fashion in ways that bring your dreams alive.

Gurjot Shan Designs specializes in commercial and residential environments like Wardrobe Design, 3D Rendering, Basement Design, Bedroom Design, Colour Consulting, Drafting, Eco Homes, Festival & Holiday Decorating, Interior Design Photography, Kitchen Renovation & Remodeling, Floor Plans, etc. Also, they enhance the standard of living of the customer by enhancing the brand personas.

Check Website: Gurjotshandesign

3. Acel Rivers Design Studio  

Consisting of a multidisciplinary team of designers, the Acel Rivers Design studio is a renowned interior designing firm in Chandigarh, committed to introducing people to an entirely new and exciting side of designs. Dedicated to the highest levels of detail and creative expression, this company focuses on creating spaces that look curated and collected.

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Acel Rivers Design Studio helps individuals, as well as busy families, achieve their ideal version of luxurious living blended seamlessly with practicality and their lifestyle needs. That’s the reason the final output not only reflects their sharp sense of style and eye for beauty but also shows the client’s individual personality and lifestyle.

Whether it be Interior Design or Graphic Design, this company builds a singular and synchronized experience built on an alchemy of design.

Check Website: Acelrivers

4. Renu Soni  

With an experience of 12 years, Renu Soni is another luxury interior design firm that has been providing its services all over the country. The company is named after its founder itself whose USP is her flexibility towards her work which she caters to within the fixed budget of the client and caters to their needs of Interior Designing without any further extension.

No matter whether a client simply wants to redecorate a single room or redesign their whole home, Renu Soni maintains the highest levels of service standards at each and every project.

So far the company has completed many commercial and residential projects in multiple cities. Meticulous planning and a practical approach are what make this firm one of the best interior designers in Chandigarh.

Check Website: Renusoni

5. Aashray Design Consultants  

Aashray Design Consultants also known as ADC is one of the oldest interior design companies in Chandigarh. The company was started in the year 2002 by a team of Interior Design Professionals Ar. Deepak Ghavri and Ar. Parul Ghavri. After having an experience of more than 20 years in the interior design industry, they set up this firm to translate client’s visions into a perfect harmony of functionality and aesthetics.

And today the company has transformed into a multidisciplinary firm that is known for its creative & collective thinking. Their versatile team exploited the space to its fullest flexing rooms for future expansion.

Aashray Design deals in projects ranging from hospitality arenas to commercial /residential ventures, educational institutions, retail stores, Pre Design Consulting, Project Planning, Feasibility Analysis, and Urban Design.

Check Website: Aashraydesign

6. Livstudio  

Livstudio is a passionate interior designer that helps you achieve great balance in design and accessibility in order to make your space look more exclusive and beautiful. This small designing firm was set up in 2010 to provide you with individual service, recognize your requirements and work through a process of collaboration to reveal the best solution.

Their team gives extensive attention to detail so that they can translate the client’s vision into a perfect harmony of aesthetics and functionality. Livstudio has expertise in Modular Kitchens, Wardrobes, Furniture and Home Decor.

Besides Chandigarh, they also provide Interior Design Services in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and Mohali. Recently the company has been awarded as a Best Architect & Interior Design Studio by IEA in 2022.

Check Website: Livstudio

7. Keystone Interior Design

When it comes to interior designers, Keystone Interior Design Studio is one of the most famous interior design companies in Chandigarh founded by Mr. Abhimanyu Poonia in the year 2015 to help people design their property as per their preferences. Apart from Chandigarh, it also provides services in Panchkula, Zirakpur, Mohali and more cities.

The organization has completed some significant projects in commercial and residential interiors ensuring the given arrangement fulfills the prerequisites of the customers. The best part of Keystone is that first it estimates your project time and makes sure you get the final output in the given time frame too without going over your budget.

So far the company has carried out many successful projects in Tricity and transformed many hotels, offices, houses, malls, restaurants, and stores into much more alluring and glamorous.

Check Website: Keystoneinteriordesign

8. JMV Engineers  

Offering best-in-class interior projects for over 28 years, JMV Engineers is a popular name consisting of a group of Young Architects, Interior Designers, and Engineers. The company is acknowledged for its creative and sustainable design. Interior Design, Landscaping, Planning and Construction are some of the top Services by JMV Engineers.

They also provide civil services like Electricals, Plumbing, Tiling, Doors, Windows, Painting, Roof Treatment, Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, and Energy Efficient Engineering Designs for Building Systems.

The good thing is JMV Engineers doesn’t charge for discussing the project, they only charge when the project is finalized. So if you are staying in Chandigarh and in search of a good interior designer then JMV Engineers can be a great option for you.

Check Website: Jmvengineers

9. Arc Industries Interiors  

Arc Industries Interiors is a reputable and  one of the oldest Interior Design Consultant introduced by Mr. Avijeet in 1997. The organization follows a thoughtful approach to shape and design the Interiors of Residential and Commercial Spaces. Arc Industries Interiors is a house of experts who takes care of all the detailing including quality and finish.

When it comes to the unique perception of the available space, planning, and execution of designs, this firm excels in it, as it has a versatile team of architects, 3D visualizers, interior designers, draftsmen, site supervisors, project managers and administrators.

Whereas with their multiple dedicated contracting professionals, Arc Industries ensures timely delivery and thorough attention. In addition, they also provide after-sales support to their customers.

Check Website: Arcindustrieschd

10. Vakshana Interior  

Providing a variety of services from interior design to architectural visualization, Vakshana Interior is a one-stop interior design solution that deals with 360 Degree services in this field.

Gautam Das, the founder of Vakshana Interior set up this company with the aim to make your house into a home with an enjoyable experience. It considers each and every project as a new partnership and goes that extra mile to make sure clients get 100% satisfaction.

Starting from the basic sketch of the project to final delivery, every single work is handled by their highly skilled team. Apart from residential projects, the company also specializes in the Construction of space for work, from office space to meeting facilities.

All the projects are built using the latest technologies and best talents, which guarantees quality for many years to come.

Check Website: Vakshanainterior


A beautifully furnished home is something that is included in almost everyone’s bucket list, as everyone would love their home to be seen as a personal statement that defines themselves and want to live their version of a perfect life.

And only interior designers have an eye for turning every personal castle into a model home, hence it is very important to hire a good interior designer to give your home a unique look.

Hope you find this article informative and if you still have any questions in your mind regarding this topic you can write to us in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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