10 Best Interior Designers In Ahmedabad

When it comes to architectural work or designing, Ahmedabad is known for its Modern Architecture and is called the City of Doshi, a Pritzker Architecture Prize Winner.

There are ancient traditional and cultural buildings that reflect the Indo- Saracenic style as well as very modern depicting glass windows and steel use. And if we talk about interior designers, there is a wide range of professional, skilled and experienced interior designing firms that will not only help you to create perfect space but also make your workspace more productive, worthwhile and aesthetic.

So if you are planning to renovate your home or set up a new office and are confused to choose interior designers then check out the list of top 10 interior designers below.

Best Interior Designers In Ahmedabad

Now let’s dive into the list below:

1. Prashant Parmar Architect  

Prashant Parmar is an Award-winning Architect & Interior Designer that started its journey with Shayona Consultant, in 2000 at Ahmedabad. And it’s now been over 22 years since the company is providing innovative design solutions making landmarks & setting examples all over the world.

The key focus of Prashant Parmar Architect is designing built environments that not only enhance the space but also makeover people’s lives with the lasting trend and present design approach.

What makes people the company trusts is its transparent dealing with pre-planning execution and detailed workmanship so that it can deliver it in the known period of time with better management skills. Another best aspect of this company is that its main focus is customer satisfaction.

Check Website: Prashantparmar

2. Designer’s Circle  

Offering a wide range of developments through multidisciplinary expertise in the field of Architecture and Interiors, Designer’s Circle is one of the most established Architectural and interior practices in Ahmedabad. It was formed in 1987 with the aim to design spaces that enhance clients’ lifestyles.

The firm’s thriving passion is to develop buildings that focus on the essentials and resolve complex challenges with cleverly conceived simple solutions ensuring each client gets a tailor-made experience.

Furnished with all the latest technology-aided tools Designer’s Circle builds pockets of nature across urban areas and brings life into an otherwise concrete city. They have a skilled team of designers that creates beautiful luxurious spaces elevating well-being.

Check Website: Designerscircle

3. Prisca Design  

With a decade-long experience in the industry, Prisca Design is a one-stop place that provides you with a total solution for your home and interior design needs. The company started its journey back in 2014 and was founded by Interior Designer Mohit Kava with a vision of creating aesthetically pleasing, functional and comfortable spaces by making eccentric objects which are finest before being sublime.

They have a team of passionate and skilled people possessing intricate knowledge of aesthetics and colors to take care of everything starting from the idea to the execution very efficiently and give your spaces a luxurious touch and a grand feel. Prisca Design has built a reputation for providing flexible, personal and friendly services to their clients regardless of project budget, scale or ambition.

Check Website: Priscadesign

4. U&I Interiors  

When it comes to the best interior designers and architects in Ahmedabad, look no further than U&I Interiors. Set up in 2006, this is a privately incorporated company that covers all kinds of the project, including high-end residential, bungalow interior design, flat interiors, modern luxury house design, luxurious office interiors, turnkey interiors, soft furnishings, civil & automation, lighting & other services for over 15 years.

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U&I Interiors uses a combination of cultures and influences to create timeless pieces that reflect the luxuriousness of both craftsmanship & artistry. Their professional and highly skilled team of designers develops a plan considering every detail of your home decor and preserves a good relationship with the clients. Honesty, integrity, and complete transparency are the three main pillars that make this company stand out.

Check Website: Uiplasia

5. Magic Space Designs  

Magic Space Designs is a multi-disciplinary practice encompassing master planning, design and architecture. Having 10+ years of experience, it offers the best in class, be it their experts or the material use. The company caters to the needs of clients by creating as well as maintaining their interiors.

With more than one million house professionals, Magic Space Designs work with dedication to provide you with consistent services in terms of passive designing solutions for commercial, unique retail, healthcare, and residential facilities.

Well-equipped with all the latest technologies & services including project development and business knowledge, Magic Space Designs focuses on the dynamic and emerging demands of the clients making the company stand apart from the rest in the market. Overall it is the most perfect destination for you, considering your requirements for high-quality services.

Check Website: Magicspacedesigns

6. Montdor Interior  

If you are looking for the best home Interior designer in Ahmedabad then your search ends here. Montdor Interior is amongst the most well-renowned and top-rated interior designers in Ahmedabad trusted by more than 300+ clients for both commercial and residential properties.

Montdor Interior was introduced with a vision to create beautiful, innovative and sustainable spaces that will exceed client’s expectations. This versatile and up-to-date firm with the latest trends not only brings your ideas of a beautiful home to life but also provides a complete package of high-quality design with construction services and turn your dream home into a reality.

Architecture Consulting, Turnkey Construction, Outdoor Furniture, Tensile Structure, 3d design and hassle-free execution are some of the services offered by the company.

Check Website: Montdorinterior

7. Malvi Gajjar Architect & Interior Designer  

Malvi Gajjar Architect and Interior designer is another leading name in the field of interior decor providing end-to-end service and offering extremely professional interior designs. With more than 15 years of experience, the firm has gained the expertise to think out of the box and come out of their comfort zone and carve a little piece of paradise for the clients.

This finest architect and interior designer in Ahmedabad boasts an enthusiastic team of the best interior designers with their artistic capabilities. The company is dedicated to providing home decor made with purely original ideas as well as helping you to deliver a product beyond your imagination.

Apart from that Malvi Gajjar Architect & Interior Designer also has a customization option according to the client’s needs. Adopting the latest technology software, it provides you with well-timed services.

Check Website: Malvigajjar

8. Adhwa architecture interiors  

Based in Ahmedabad, ADHWA architecture interiors is a reliable firm in the industry that aims to deliver the best experience to their customers. Owned by Ankita Jain and Dhwanil Patel, it was established in the year 2013, working in all spectrum of projects including Residential, commercial, Retail & hospitality.

The company understands that interior designing is a collaborative process, and hence they encourage and welcome input from their clients as well so that together they formulate a common vision and come to more satisfying results.

Interestingly, spotlighting a material’s innate qualities with a surplus of natural light forms the core of ADHWA – architecture interiors. The best part is to make the clients’ transactional experience hassle-free, they accept multiple modes of payment such as Cash, Cheques, etc.

Check Website: Adhwa

9. Neotecture – Interior Designer  

Neotecture is an innovative Interior Designer that helps to create meaningful spaces and enhance the quality of your life. Devoted to simplicity, this firm works on a simple philosophy “WE COMMIT and WE DELIVER” which means they never make false commitments and are very straightforward about what they can deliver and when they deliver.

Apart from interior designing, Neotecture also offers wide range of services like House Plans, 3D Rendering, Bathroom Design, Bedroom Design, Custom Furniture, Custom Walk-in Wardrobes, Floor Plans, Furniture Selection, Home Staging, Home Theater Design, Interior Design, Kitchen Design, Renovation & Remodeling, Lighting Design, Nursery Design, Sustainable Design, Home Office Design, and more.

One of the best aspects of this company is that they charge on a square feet basis, therefore there will be no extra charges at the end of the project.

Check Website: Neotecture

10. Dream Craft Studio  

Situated in Ahmedabad, Dream Craft Studio is an architectural firm providing architectural work for residential as well as commercial projects. Besides, it also provides interior design services for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, tv units, kitchens, etc.

Understanding human emotions to space, nature, and light, the company adopts an approach that focuses on both external and internal aspects and works with dedication taking minor details into consideration so that you get the best results.

Digital rendering and 3D design are some of the common tools used by the firm in the construction process to increase efficiency and let the client visualize their final output. They construct homes and buildings which are secure, comfortable and healthy for well-being that works equally well for all users.

Check Website: DreamcraftStudio


You just went through the list of the 10 best interior designers in Ahmedabad. In today’s modern, fast-paced, and aesthetic world everyone wants to keep up with the demands of the new generation. Interior design is one of the things that need to be updated in order to live comfortably.

That’s the reason we came up with this article. All the shortlisted names mentioned above are well-versed architects and interior designers with an array of award-winning projects done by them and have all the expertise to create your dream space.

Hope you find this article informative. In case you have any queries or questions, you may write to us in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share your thoughts and experience with us.

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