7 Best Interior Designer In Kozhikode

Kozhikode is home to a diverse and talented group of interior designers who have garnered acclaim for their innovative and personalized approach to interior design.

With a focus on creating unique and functional spaces, these designers are known for their exceptional attention to detail and their ability to translate clients’ visions into stunning realities.

Their commitment to quality and creativity has established them as the top choices for those seeking to transform their living or working spaces in Kozhikode.

Best Interior Designer In Kozhikode For Home Interiors In 2024

Let’s dive into the list.

1. HiLITE Interiors LLP  

HiLITE INTERIORS LLP, commonly recognized as HiLITE INTERIORS LLP, operates as a Limited Liability Partnership based in Kerala. The primary hub for its extensive operations is situated in this vibrant state.

Specializing in turnkey interior contracting within the HiLITE Group, the company transforms interior aspirations into reality, whether it’s for homes, offices, or other cherished spaces. Their team comprises skilled designers with a profound passion for crafting both functional and stylish environments.

Whether seeking a comprehensive overhaul or a simple rejuvenation, the dedicated team collaborates closely with clients to manifest their envisioned outcomes.

Recognizing the significance of meticulous attention to detail, they diligently consider every aspect of a project to ensure the creation of aesthetically pleasing and practical spaces.

Armed with a wealth of industry experience spanning over a decade, they specialize in crafting tailored interior design solutions for both commercial and residential properties.

The team’s commitment extends beyond mere aesthetics they understand the paramount importance of functional spaces. Whether embarking on a complete redesign or a modest refresh, the team collaborates diligently with clients to realize their desired outcomes.

Furthermore, the company recognizes the financial considerations of its clientele and pledges to provide solutions that are not only affordable but also effective in achieving remarkable interior transformations.

Website: Hiliteinteriors

2. DLIFE Home Interiors 

D`LIFE, a well-established interior design and home furnishing showroom, has been catering to the needs of clients in Calicut (Kozhikode) since 2014. The showroom offers a variety of interior design solutions and high-quality home furnishing products.

Clients can visit the showroom to explore the range of products and gain a clear understanding of the finishes and materials on offer. D`LIFE aims to provide a professional and reliable service, ensuring that clients in Calicut receive the same level of integrity and professionalism they would expect from overseas interior design companies.

With its comprehensive facilities and a wealth of experience in implementing interior design projects across Kerala, D`LIFE is committed to being the most dependable interior design company in Calicut. Offering insight and expertise, the showroom caters to the needs of clients who may not have easy access to local carpenters or interior contractors.

Whether clients are residents of Calicut or are based abroad but require interior design services in the city, D`LIFE promises to deliver exceptional service and quality, backed by their extensive experience and reputation for reliability.

Website: Dlifeinteriors

3. G-home interiors 

G-Home Interiors is a renowned home interior design company in Kerala, boasting years of experience and a reputation for reliability. Specializing in 100% customized furniture and modular kitchens, the company is a prominent name in the industry.

With a focus on durability, systematic work procedures, and a highly efficient team, G-Home Interiors stands out as the best in the business. Their professional designers ensure contemporary, creative space plans that guarantee elegant home furnishing.

Having operated for over a decade, G-Home Interiors has consistently delivered high-quality services to clients, earning a solid reputation within the industry.

Their commitment to excellence and innovative designs sets them apart, making them a top choice for those seeking superior home interior solutions in Kerala.

Website: Helanzo

4. Concord Design Studio 

Concord Design Studio, born from the legacy of Concord Enterprises established in 1972 by Mr. K. K. Menon, has evolved over four decades into a reputable force in functional space design.

Originally focused on waterproofing chemicals, the enterprise transitioned under the leadership of Mr. K. Premachandran in 1978, aiming to bring contemporary comforts to homes and offices. Today, led by Mr. Prem Kishan, a civil engineer with experience from Sobha Developers, Concord Design Studio is committed to creating exclusive and personalized spaces.

With a modern manufacturing unit, a dynamic design team, and experienced leadership, their promise is to deliver quality designs, consistently and on time.

This design studio’s journey underscores its dedication to adapting to evolving lifestyles and embracing advanced technologies, pushing the boundaries of spatial aesthetics. Concord Design Studio brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm, creating spaces that reflect individual preferences.

From its inception rooted in waterproofing chemicals to its present-day focus on innovative design, the brand’s evolution showcases a commitment to quality and a promise to make spaces uniquely personal for each client.

Website: Concordkerala

5. RAK Interiors 

Established in 2011, RAK Interiors embarked on a transformative decade-long journey, earning the coveted title of South India’s premier interior designer.

Bolstered by a dedicated team of over 300 professionals and skilled designers, RAK Interiors has consistently delivered phenomenal designs and distinctive finishes, solidifying its reputation as the region’s No.1 choice.

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Utilizing state-of-the-art German equipment and craftsmanship, RAK Interiors specializes in crafting durable and unique customized products for homes, offices, and commercial spaces, seamlessly blending expertise and artistic flair to bring designs beyond imagination to life.

With a stellar track record spanning over 12 years, RAK Interiors has become the go-to interior solution provider for Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu.

Catering to a diverse clientele, RAK Interiors has garnered the trust of 8,347+ satisfied customers across South India, delivering not just interior transformations but elevating spaces to a level of gilt-edged grandeur.

If you seek the best in interior design, your search concludes with RAK Interiors – where innovation meets excellence.

Website: Rakinteriors

6. Arkitecture Studio  

Situated in the heart of Calicut City, Arkitecture Studio stands as a prominent architectural firm and comprehensive home design service established in 2010.

Specializing in crafting luxurious home exteriors and interiors with styles ranging from Victorian and Colonial to Mughal, Classic, Arabic, Traditional, and Contemporary, The team, led by Architect Zainul Abid and Architectural Consultant Muhammed Shafi V, comprises expert architects, interior designers, and civil engineers dedicated to delivering outstanding design solutions.

With a distinctive architectural style, Arkitecture Studio has garnered acclaim from satisfied clients across Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Bihar, and Karnataka.

Our commitment to quality and a personalized approach to projects is reflected in the eccentric and asymmetrical facades we create, bringing a touch of individuality and personal expression to each dream home we design.

Website: Arkitechurestudio

7. Brique Builders & Interiors  

Introducing Brique, your ultimate hub for cutting-edge and original interior design concepts! The dedicated team of designers and decorators is driven by a passion for developing stunning and practical environments that mirror your individuality and taste.

At Brique, their firm believers that each space holds its own narrative, and we place great emphasis on collaborating closely with the clients to comprehend their aspirations and inclinations.

Our foremost objective is to metamorphose your space into a sanctuary that resonates with your unique identity, turning your vision into a reality.

Brique is committed to crafting bespoke interior solutions that reflect your personal style, fostering an environment that is exclusively yours. With an unwavering dedication to quality and creativity, our team is devoted to curating spaces that exude charm and functionality.

Join Brique, where they are dedicated to transforming spaces into captivating sanctuaries that truly speak to your soul.

Website: Briquebuilders


In conclusion, the thriving interior design scene in Kozhikode is characterized by the presence of several outstanding professionals who consistently demonstrate their expertise and creativity in crafting exceptional living and working spaces.

The brand which we include in this article have a dedication to their client satisfaction and their ability to deliver outstanding results positions these designers as the best choices for anyone seeking top-tier interior design services in the city.

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