10 Best Interior Design Pages On Instagram In India

Nowadays Instagram has become an inspiring and go-to platform for many, as it showcases the work of brilliant designers from across the globe. Here you can search for a wide variety of interior design ideas and styles of different tastes and preferences.

No matter whether you are planning to renovate your space with traditional Indian designs, seeking contemporary ideas to give an elegant & modern touch to your home or simply want to indulge in beautiful & minimalist aesthetics, there are plenty of interior design pages on Instagram, from where you can get endless inspiration as well as peek into the world of Indian design excellence.

10 Best Interior Design Pages On Instagram

Here are the top 10 best interior design pages on Instagram in India that are worth following:

1. Aparna Kaushik

When it comes to the best interior design pages on Instagram, Aparna Kaushik is the most popular name in the country. She is the design director and founding principal of a multi-disciplinary firm that specializes in architecture and interiors related services.

Following a forward-thinking approach, the House of Aparna Kaushik works towards tech-integrated spaces and tries to synchronize cultural & social nuances to exude a precise, yet extraordinary individuality. If we talk about her architectural style, her designs are mostly inspired by an intuitive sensitivity and fascinated by architectural history and art.

So you can see a fusion of both contemporary and classical forms in most of her works which creates a visually striking feel. Aparna along with her efficient team has undertaken many versatile projects, infusing her experimental processes with pragmatism and scientific clarity, catering to different target audiences and their diverse preferences.

Instagram Page: AparnaKaushik

2. Rooshad Shroff

With a special focus on artisanry, it has established practice over the design spectrum, starting from architecture to interiors and bespoke furniture, Rooshad Shroff is a boutique firm based out of Mumbai.

Rooshad Shroff, an innovative and award-winning architect, himself started this firm in 2011, and today the studio has created a niche for itself based on the philosophy of integrated design and high-end luxury.

He usually tries to incorporate traditional Indian touches into his modern designs in order to create a unique blend of the old and new. What makes this company trustworthy is its intimate work ethic, they offer their clientele confidentiality, and utmost attention and prioritizes quality over the quantum of work.

Besides, they always promote handcraft, as well as take a keen interest in supporting educational initiatives.

Instagram Page: RooshadShroff

3. Aamir Hameeda 

Headed by the husband-wife duo Aamir and Hameeda, it is their large-scale and versatile body of work that ranges from corporate offices, the interior design of residences and retail stores to hospitality spaces.

Here they design and deliver smart, elegant and refined interiors with luxurious finishes and bursts of colors. Aamir Sharma is a zestful yet reflective designer, who likes to add ‘creativeness and playfulness’ in his designs.

While Hameeda Sharma gives priority to her clients’ personalities and needs which makes the interior look smart yet subtle. And they together create something unique, making them stand apart from their competitors.

For this they have won up to 20 National and Regional Awards for Excellence in Design including the Hafele Trends Excellence Award in Interior Design in 2016 & 2017 and Regional Awards by IIID.

Instagram Page: AamirHameeda

4. Sabnam Gupta

Inspired by the marvelous possibilities of design, Shabnam Gupta is an internationally renowned and award-winning designer. Her page on Instagram reflects her love for her profession and her as an aspiring artist.

Since she feels very connected with Mother Nature and traditional art, she infuses it within her designs and creates every space a class apart. What makes Shabnam a great interior designer is her smart decisions.

Being a designer, she not just lets herself be followed by only her style but she also gives importance to the client’s requirements as well as listens to the innate energy of the space.

The Orange Lane, her own holistic design solutions firm has also earned international renown. It’s a place where she and her team have undertaken many residential and hospitality projects.

Instagram Page: SabnamGupta

5. FADD Studio

FADD Studio is a well-established interior design firm based in India. Dhaval Shellugar and Farah Ahmed, together started this Studio in 2012 with the aim to create aesthetically pleasing spaces that are functional, and tailored to their client’s needs.

You can find their Instagram profile with the same name, showing general information about their work. The company adopts a modern & luxurious design approach and specializes in creating unique, innovative and contemporary designs for a diverse range of projects, like hospitality projects, residential homes, commercial spaces, and more.

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One of the distinctive properties that differentiate FADD Studio from others is its desire to be original. They do not aspire to create a style that is rare, but they give you a design identity that is exclusive to you and your space.

Instagram Page: FADDStudio

6. Simran Boparai

Simran Boparai is one of the youngest architects, entrepreneurs and businesswomen from Punjab. Also, she has her own architect firm named as Space 5 Architects, where her team works to help manifest the dream of their clients into reality and meet up to their requirements.

For this, Space5 has been awarded the Interior Design Award and the prestigious National Architecture 2019, for being the most promising firm in residential architecture.

Besides, she has her self-titled YouTube channel, where you can get to see all updates about her ongoing projects as well as get an opportunity to learn some of her expertise in interior design, style and business.

Also, you can follow her on Instagram to get a sneak peek of her style of architecture, what she follows when choosing suitable tiles for her projects and more.

Instagram Page: SimranBoparai

7. Ravi Vazirani

Ravi Vazirani is a creative interior designer and the founder of Ravi Vazirani Design Studio. He is a self-taught designer and has proved himself as a leading figure in this industry by winning the title of Elle Décor Product Designer of the Year in 2022.

Also, he has been included in Architectural Digest’s list of the 50 most influential persons in the field of architecture and design in the Indian Subcontinent. One of the unique features in Ravi which ultimately inspires his artistry is his clients is its design style.

The fact is he has never studied design, he always gives priority to clients’ needs, aesthetics, and stories. And that’s the reason you will never find his two designs alike, instead all of them are all his own with a unique stamp of flair and workmanship.

Instagram Page: RaviVazirani

8. Krupa Zubin

Krupa Zubin is a prominent figure, who has made her memorable mark in the realm of architecture and interior design. With her forward-thinking solutions pioneering designs and innovative approach combined with technical knowledge, she has not just explored new horizons in the field but also taken it to whole another level.

In 2001 she set up her own firm “ZZ Architects” which has become a huge company now with a team of over 60 Architects and Interior Designers.

The firm deals in luxury architecture, Interior design and decor-related services and encompasses projects across different categories, spread all around leading cities in the country as well as globally.

For its incredible work, ZZ Architects has been awarded as a multidisciplinary and multi-award-winning design firm.

Instagram Page: KrupaZubin

9. Rajiv Saini 

Encompassing an array of architectural and interior design projects, Rajiv Saini is a leading interior designer, who began his journey by working for a select group of people. He started from strict interiors and now has evolved into some remarkable, contemporary architectural projects.

His firm Rajiv Saini and Associates (RSA) is his biggest asset that has established itself as one of the leading design studios in the country along with a nationwide presence by being involved in the creation of beautiful projects for various purposes.

Devigarh Hotel in Udaipur, The Marriott Hotel in Goa, Fashion Store ‘Carma’ in New Delhi and Resto-bar Rain And Velvet in Mumbai are some of the most appropriate projects undertaken by Rajiv Saini Associates. More you can also check out at his Instagram page by the same name.

Instagram Page: RajivSaini

10. Dhvani Bhatiya

Design Attic is Dhvani Bhatiya’s well-established interior designing firm that she has set up with Rhea Sanklecha. At Design Attic, you will be mainly in entertainment designing and decorating-related services.

With an impeccable ability to cater to the distinctive requirements and nuances of their clientele, they always come up with the most creative and innovative solutions to transform your house into a beautiful home and commercial area into safe haven.

They both work together towards bringing the latest designs with concurrent technologies which leads to the best output. Their designs are modern in style and sophisticated in a statement which is the perfect combination to make your space look like a perfect place to live in.

You can go through Dhvani Bhatiya’s Instagram page and get some innovative ideas to elevate your space or get in contact with their team as well.

Instagram Page: DhvaniBhatiya


You just went through the list of 10 Best Interior Design Pages On Instagram In India. Besides there are many popular names on Instagram that have done commendable jobs in the field of interior design and architecture.

But we have shortlisted the ones who have established their unique identity and gained people’s trust with their creativity and good customer-client relationship. We hope you find this article informative and it will help you out in your decision-making process.

If you still have any confusion or questions regarding this matter feel free to write to us in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share your experience and feedback as it will help us in further improvement.

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