20 Best Architects In Delhi

Delhi, the heart of India, is a city known for its rich history and stunning architecture. Among the beautiful streets and towering buildings, you’ll find some of the best architects in the country.

Here, We prepared a list of the 20 Best Architects In Delhi. These architects have left an indelible mark in India’s capital, New Delhi with their innovative designs and creative solutions.

In a metropolis that seamlessly marries tradition with modernity, these architects have played a pivotal role in shaping the city’s aesthetic and functional landscape. From inspiring residential complexes to awe-inspiring commercial spaces, their work embodies the essence of Delhi’s dynamic character.

Each architect brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table, contributing to the diverse tapestry of Delhi’s architectural marvels.

Whether it’s the sustainable and eco-friendly designs of Chaukor Studio or the cutting-edge creations by Sanjay Puri Architects, these design visionaries have not only left their mark on Delhi but have also inspired countless aspiring architects and designers to dream big and push the boundaries of architectural innovation.

20 Best Architects in Delhi of 2024

Let’s have a look at the list.

1. Studio Symbiosis

Studio Symbiosis

Based in Delhi NCR as well as in Stuttgart Germany, Symbiosis is a dynamic group of highly skilled architects who handle all kinds of planning & interior designing related projects from various scales and sectors.

In the ever-evolving world of architecture, Studio Symbiosis stands out as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. This design firm has gained international recognition for its groundbreaking projects that seamlessly blend modern design with cultural sensitivity and a deep commitment to environmental sustainability.

With an intent to achieve smart buildings, Britta Knobel Gupta with Amit Gupta set up this firm in the year 2010. They excel in creating integrated design solutions which are not just imbibing amalgamated but also sustainable in nature, leading to performative architecture.

Website: Studio Symbiosis

2. CP Kukreja Architects

CP Kukreja Architects

Established in 1969 by architect C P Kukreja, this is a multi-disciplinary design company which has its headquarters in New Delhi and New York.

It was started with a vision to redefine the point of view regarding architecture and planning in India, and it has become successful in its goal by becoming one of the most revered architectural firms in the country.

Jawaharlal Nehru University, Ambadeep Towers, India International Convention are some of the notable projects undertaken by the firm.

Also, Kukreja Architects was last year awarded with HUDCO Design Award 2020 by HRRL Township, Barmer, Rajasthan for their remarkable job.

Website: CP kukreja

3. Amit Khanna Design Associates

Amit Khanna Design Associates

Established in 2004 by Amit Khanna, AKDA Studio seamlessly integrates architecture, interior design, furniture, lighting, and product design with a focus on regional specificity and sustainability.

Their commitment to quality, regardless of project size, is rooted in materiality and innovation. What sets them apart is their close collaboration with craftsmen, ensuring predictability and quality.

AKDA is actively involved in diverse projects, gaining international recognition in architectural and design publications. The studio epitomizes the fusion of design excellence, sustainability, and craftsmanship.

Website: Amit Khanna Design

4. Studio IAAD

Studio IAAD, founded by Rachna Agarwal in 2007, is a celebrated architectural and interior design firm nestled in Gurugram, India.

Their exceptional work spans across residential, professional, hospitality, retail, and educational projects, earning them accolades from the Global Architecture and Design Awards and the Indian Institute of Interior Designers.

Renowned publications such as Architectural Digest India, Elle Decor India, and Indesign Australia have spotlighted their award-winning designs.

Rachna Agarwal, the creative force behind Studio IAAD, was honored with the Realty+ Women Icon Awards in 2021 under the ‘Women Achievers in Leading Flexispaces’ category. This studio continues to shape stunning spatial experiences.

Website: Studio IAAD

5. Ultraconfidentiel Design

Ultraconfidentiel Design and Architects

Specializing in unique designs & build projects, Ultraconfidentiel Design is a renowned interior design firm. Amaury Watine and Stephanie Bonduelle laid its foundation in 2007.

With a creative team of professionals and the latest technologies, they handle high-end projects such as experience centers, innovative offices, hospitality, boutique retail chains, etc.

Besides, Ultraconfidentiel Design also offers global turnkey processes, starting from conceptual planning to execution at site. Most importantly, they follow a structured and clear design process and take care of each and every aspect of the project.

Website: Ultraconfidentiel Design

6. Cityspace’ 82

Cityspace 82  Architects

Embarked in 2005, Cityspace’ 82 is among the Top architects in Delhi. Ar. Sumit Dhawan founded this firm to offer beautiful residential and commercial design.

With an empirical and multifaceted design philosophy, the company continues to work towards delivering intricate spectacles and future trajectories.

Cityspace’ 82 aims to create spaces that are comfortable and make a statement. Their designs developed by them are a perfect combination of modern and traditional elements that will suit clients’ personalities and professions.

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Website: Cityspace’ 82

7. Studio AVT

Studio AVT Architects

In the world of design, where creativity meets functionality, Delhi-based Studio AVT stands as a beacon of passion-driven innovation. With a plethora of awards and international recognition across renowned media platforms, Studio AVT has carved a niche for itself in the industry.

In 2011, Studio AVT came into existence as a Design Consultancy firm to help you develop an environment and give you a perfect space for your stories to take birth and remain with you forever. With a dedicated team of talented designers and innovative artists, the firm follows a passionate approach to nurturing new examples of Architectural and interior designs.

That’s the reason, in a span of 12 years, the company has been honored & awarded with several National as well as International design Awards and felicitations.

Website: Studio AVT

8. Creative Designer Architects

Creative Designer Architects

Based in New Delhi, at DLF Prime Towers, Okhla Phase-1, CDA is an interdisciplinary architectural firm celebrated for its leadership in healthcare, commercial, and retail design.

With a track record of 150+ successful projects and a loyal clientele of 120+ entities, CDA consistently integrates innovation, adaptability, and sustainability into its designs.

CDA’s healthcare portfolio is exceptional, with over 70 projects across Asia, prioritizing patient experience and evidence-based design for uplifting healing environments.

Led by principals Mohanbir Singh, Maninder Kaur, and Ravideep Singh, CDA’s international team of 42 professionals blends global perspectives with local expertise. They employ cutting-edge design technology, including digital visualizations and virtual reality tools, for holistic sustainability and enhanced client interactions.

Committed to fostering wellness and innovation, CDA seamlessly integrates the client’s vision with nature, representing architects of the 21st century, advancing architectural discourse and rationality.

Website: Creative Designer

9. Morphogenesis

Morphogenesis Architects

Morphogenesis, operating in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and New Delhi, is India’s leading architectural and urban design firm. They redefine India’s architectural heritage through passive design solutions, creating a unique contextual language. Their expertise extends to Architecture, Interiors, and Landscape Urbanism.

Remarkably, Morphogenesis is the sole gender-neutral firm on the WA100 list of the world’s largest architecture companies, with over 50% female representation across all levels. With projects in 8 countries, they’ve garnered 95 international and national awards and featured in 750+ global publications.

They made history as the first Indian firm to win the prestigious Singapore Institute of Architects Getz Award, recognizing their impact on Asia’s architectural landscape. Their exceptional work also secured a coveted spot in Images Publishing’s esteemed Master Architect Series, a remarkable achievement for an Indian architectural firm.

Website: Morphogenesis

10. BDAA Architects

BDAA Architects

Established in 2017 in Noida, India, BDAA Architects embodies a profound passion for reshaping spaces, regardless of their scale, to be user and environmentally friendly. Their mission is to strike a harmonious balance in every design, one that harmonizes with both users and their surroundings.

With a diverse portfolio encompassing Residential, Industrial, Retail, and Workspace projects, BDAA Architects also possess a fervent commitment to crafting public spaces that enrich the urban fabric. Their designs are always rooted in understanding your unique requirements and aspirations.

BDAA Architects invites you to connect and explore how they can bring their passion and expertise to your next project. Transform your spaces into functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable environments with their innovative design solutions.

Website: BDAA Architects

11. Envisage

Envisage Architects

Established in 2007 by Meena Murthy Kakkar and Vishal Kakkar, both alumni of the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, Envisage is a dynamic interior and architecture firm based in Gurugram, India. They specialize in Design and build projects, offering comprehensive solutions from concept to execution.

Envisage expertise spans Residential, Institutional, Corporate, and Hospitality design, with a reputation built on client-centered design solutions that seamlessly merge aesthetics and functionality. With a portfolio of 100+ projects, they consistently deliver thoughtful, cost-effective environments.

Meena Murthy Kakkar, the firm’s Design Head, and Vishal Kakkar, its co-founder, also contribute to architectural education by teaching at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

Envisage success is driven by their commitment to timeless aesthetics, practicality, and architectural innovation, earning them prominent recognition in various publications as pioneers in the field of architecture and design.

Website: Envisage

12. Urbanscape Architects

Urbanscape Architects

Established in 2008 by Ar. Dinesh Panwar, Urbanscape Architects, based in New Delhi, India, excels in diverse building types. Their hallmark is an authentic, honest design approach yielding functional, sustainable, and nature-harmonious outcomes.

They embrace modernist compositions enriched with sustainability and user-centric principles, transcending conventional styles. Urbanscape’s meticulous configuration process considers grids, layers, fenestrations, forms, and materials, all while honoring the site, occupants, and materiality.

Their relentless pursuit of new challenges ensures each project is uniquely approached, resulting in the creation of humane environments that set them apart in the industry.

Website: Urbanscape Architects

13. J+AM storey

J+AM storey Architects

Headquartered in New Delhi, J+AM Storey, led by architects Amit Bhatia and Jaanshi Bhatia, is a multidisciplinary design practice. Their diverse portfolio includes commercial, residential, and office projects. With a dedicated team, they deliver comprehensive design solutions.

Their user-centric philosophy prioritizes client requirements, emphasizing listening and understanding. Good architecture, to them, seamlessly integrates light, material, layout, and shadows, driven by attention to detail and excellence.

J+AM Storey’s commitment to exceptional user experiences, nature, and technology sets them apart, reflecting their pursuit of architectural excellence.

Website: J+AM storey

14. Studio Bipolar

Studio Bipolar Architects

Founded in 2016, Studio Bipolar is a prominent Interior Design and architecture firm based in Delhi and Gurgaon. Architects Sanjana Mathur and Ujjwal Sagar, both alumni of the prestigious Sushant School of Art and Architecture, lead the firm.

Their mission is to seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics in tailor-made designs for homes, offices, and more.

Specializing in commercial, retail, and residential architecture and interiors, they offer comprehensive services, including Architecture Design and meticulous Interior Design, transforming spaces to reflect clients’ unique needs and styles.

Website: Studio Bipolar

15. Loop Design Studio

Loop Design Studio Architects

Loop Design Studio holds prestigious certifications like LEED Green Associate, LEED Accredited Professional, Project Management Professional, WELL, map, and Green Project Management, showcasing their dedication to sustainable design.

Their process begins with client engagement, understanding needs, and conducting a comprehensive Site Analysis to grasp site attributes. Contextual understanding drives their holistic architectural design.

The heart of their approach is the Conceptual Design phase, where the project’s big idea takes form. Schematic Design follows, transforming concepts into tangible designs. Detailed Construction Documents are created for efficient coordination and permits.

Loop remains engaged during Construction, ensuring quality and progress, emphasizing their commitment to sustainable, functional, and inspiring spaces.

Website: Loop Design Studio

16. Dada And Partners

Dada And Partners Architects

Gurgaon’s Design and Development Atelier (DADA), led by visionary partners Sumit Arora, Aditi Arora, Parul Mittal, and Mukul Arora, offers a multi-disciplinary approach covering residential architecture, landscape design, campus planning, and urban design.

DADA’s philosophy centers on seamless integration, connecting residences, streets, campuses, and communities. They blend global and regional influences, client aspirations, and site-specific elements, emphasizing sustainability and experiential quality.

With 25+ years of industry experience from premier US and UK firms, the principals bring a wealth of knowledge to DADA.

Their commitment lies in delivering enduring, high-quality spaces, bridging design with market realities, and fostering collaboration for enriched design solutions in Gurgaon. Expertise includes architectural and sustainable design.

Website: Dada And Partners

17. GroupDCA

Based in New Delhi, India, Group DCA has been a leading Architecture and interior design firm since 1996. They specialize in Residential, Retail, Hospitality, and Workspace design, emphasizing Design Excellence, Innovation, and Customer Satisfaction.

Founded by Architects Amit Aurora and Rahul Bansal, both graduates of the prestigious School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), New Delhi, the firm boasts a dedicated team of over 40 professionals. They prioritize Contextual and Sustainable Designs, blending local materials and technology.

Amit Aurora focuses on longevity and functionality, harmonizing elements for enduring aesthetics. Rahul Bansal redefines luxury with simplicity and value engineering, delivering luxurious experiences through meticulous attention to detail.

Group DCA’s legacy lies in their relentless pursuit of design excellence, making them a sought-after partner for national and international brands seeking innovative and impactful design solutions.

Website: GroupDCA

18. Design Pendulum

Design Pendulum

Design Pendulum is a versatile spatial design firm, founded by Principal Architect Sukhmani Brar and Partner Architect Siddharth Singh. Alumni of the School of Architecture, CEPT Ahmedabad, their approach merges contrasting elements, creating character-rich built environments.

With expertise spanning housing, architecture, interior design, exhibitions, landscape urbanism, and furniture design, Design Pendulum thrives on diverse projects.

Their architects find joy in every design stage, integrating passion, material curiosity, contextual relevance, and natural elements like light and ventilation.

The result? Vibrant, evolving spaces that enrich inhabitants’ lives, delivering an engaging aesthetic experience.

Website: Design Pendulum

19. Portal 92

Portal 92, a dynamic design consultancy in Delhi/NCR, founded by architects with roots in the 90s, specializes in Residential, F&B, and Retail Design. They blend the tangible and intangible, crafting designs that deeply resonate with the community.

Internationally renowned, Portal 92’s work graces prestigious Architecture Publications and Lifestyle Magazines. As a top Indian Architecture Studio, they continually push boundaries with innovative and unconventional solutions.

This interdisciplinary Architecture and Design Studio explores inter-dimensional design possibilities, bridging the gap between the tangible and intangible.

Their work transcends stylistic boundaries, sparking discourse and reflecting a passionate exploration of creation’s impact on our evolving world.

Website: Portal 92

20 Studio Ma:Ya

Studio Ma:Ya

Studio Ma:Ya, a dynamic New Delhi design studio, excels in creating functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing living spaces. Their contemporary designs seamlessly incorporate lifestyle trends, leaving a lasting impression.

Ma:Ya’s ethos centers on environmental consciousness and context understanding. Through effective communication and collaboration, they craft engaging, human-centered environments that offer precise and impactful solutions.

In just a short time, Studio Ma:Ya has ventured into diverse domains, including residential, commercial, institutional, and hospitality design. They consistently deliver elegant, sustainable spaces that captivate and inspire.

Website: Studiomaya


In conclusion, Delhi stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of history and modernity, and its architects are the artisans of this fusion. Their innovative designs and creative solutions have not only transformed the city’s skyline but have also set benchmarks in the field of architecture.

These top 20 Best Architects In Delhi have demonstrated that, in the heart of India, the legacy of architectural excellence continues to evolve.

As Delhi continues to grow and evolve, these architects will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping its future, further enriching its architectural heritage for generations to come.

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